The ‘Zola Story’ In 158 Twitter Tweets: Jessica ‘Jess’ Swiatkowski And Jarrett Scott Tell Their Sides Of Zola’s Story Via Social Media

The full Zola story, as it’s known on Twitter and everywhere after Aziah King’s full “Zola story” went viral, has prompted the other characters in Zola’s story to respond online. First off, King — who used the pen name “Zola” to tell her story on Twitter — claims that she met a woman named Jess at a Hooters in Michigan where she worked. Zola says Jess was with her sugar daddy, and claims Jess conned Zola into tricking when the two women learned they both had stripping in common.

Zola’s story became so popular that some one set up a GoFundMe page to turn Zola’s story into a movie, but that GoFundMe page was removed when Aziah posted on Twitter that she didn’t have a GoFundMe page.

Zola cast herself as the somewhat innocent victim in the whole story, with outlandish events occurring after Zola and Jess took off to Florida with Jess’s jealous boyfriend, Jarrett. From there, a whole lot of action supposedly went down, with Zola allegedly showing Jess how to set up ads on Backpage in order to make a lot more money from prostitution than $100 from one man. Next, Zola, in her story, claimed that Jess slept with 20 men in one day and was kidnapped and rescued and eventually arrested and ended up in Las Vegas.

Jess came back with her rebuttal, claiming Zola’s story was mostly lies, as reported by the Inquisitr.

Jess turned to Reddit to write a very long post about her version of Zola’s story. For the most part, Jess agrees that the duo met at Hooters in Michigan, and that they both were strippers — but that’s where the similarities between stories basically ends. Both Jess and Zola point fingers at the other, claiming each one taught the other how to make more money with prostitution, basically casting themselves as one pimping the other, instead of the other way around.

“It’s true that this club was completely off their rocker we had to wear nude nipple covers and have our butts covered and to top it off there were a million and one rules on how to acquire a back room. Within an hour or two I made only $100, not something I was pleased with and Aziah had made one dollar. Reason to be a jealous b**** number two!”

As reported by the Daily Mail, the “Jarrett” in Zola’s story is Jarrett Scott, a guy who says that he learned about Zola’s story after a friend posted the story on his Facebook wall and asked him if he was the Jarrett to whom Zola was referring. He cops to being that Jarrett, but told the publication that the truth lies somewhat closer to what Zola has told in her story — minus the suicide attempt. In Zola’s story, she claims that Jarrett charged over a balcony, threatening to kill himself, but was thwarted when Jarrett’s jacket got caught. Instead, Jarrett says he did threaten to jump over the balcony, but said he didn’t. He said he was just trying to see if Jess cared about him.

Jarrett does agree with the part of Zola’s story that claims Jess ended up in trouble in Las Vegas, with both Zola and Jarrett claiming Jess contacted them saying she was in trouble. Jessica Swiatkowski, the antagonist known as “Jess” throughout Zola’s story, just wants to put the whole thing behind her, with Jess being a mother who is pregnant with another child.

[Image via Twitter/Aziah King@_zolarmoon]