Manager Of K-Pop Girl Group ‘APink’ Takes Eunji’s Place In Performance Practice And Nails It! [Video]

Ever since they made their debut back in 2011, K-pop girl group APink has grown into their own. Just this year alone, they became the first group to win five consecutive awards on Music Core, received numerous awards from multiple awards shows such as the 29th Golden Disk Awards and Seoul Music Awards, and went on their first overseas tour known as Pink Paradise. On top of all that, their summer song “Remember” became one of the most popular songs for the season not only because it was catchy, but it personified the season in Korea perfectly. Not to mention, they were one of the few K-pop acts signed to CUBE Entertainment who did well this year.

To be fair, APink might be a very entertaining and successful K-pop group in general, but it takes more than just them to be successful. There is usually a team of people doing their best to take care of them so they in turn can give their best to their fans. With that in mind, APink’s manager went beyond the call of his managing duties and helped the K-pop group practice one of their performances by taking the place of Eunji.

As shown from the video above, which was uploaded on Thursday, October 29, 2015 on 핑든것 YouTube channel, APink’s manager, which is assumed to be Park Hyun Soo (known as APink’s manager oppa), steps in for an absent Eunji for a performance rehearsal of their song “Remember” in part of their promotions. What is amazing about Hyun Soo’s participation is the fact that he pretty much had most of the dance down. With some of the moves, however, it is easy to discern Hyun Soo clearly felt awkward, especially some of the hip shaking ones. Overall though, Hyun Soo had it down pat which in turn may have surprised APink member Naeun who was clearly giggling when she saw her “manager oppa” taking Eunji’s place, as reported by AllKpop.

For those who were wondering why Eunji was absent from rehearsal in the first place, rest assured it isn’t dissension in the ranks similar to Jessica Jung and So Nyeo Shi Dae (Girls’ Generation) back in 2014. According to DramaFever, Eunji is playing the female lead character in K-drama Sassy, Go Go (better known as Cheer Up). At the time of rehearsal, Eunji was busy filming in the K-drama’s latest episode (in which eight of the 12 episodes have already been filmed and aired on the Korean Broadcasting System channel KBS2). CUBE Entertainment understands Eunji’s filming priorities and will allow her to do such as long as she can keep up with their K-pop idol priorities as well. Needless to say, but it also seems CUBE Entertainment, or at least her manager, are willing to work around her tight schedule.

As for Sassy, Go Go, Eunji plays the female lead character Kang Yun Doo right opposite of Kim Yeol who is played by actor Lee Won Keun. The story’ setting is in Sevit High School and follows the lives of high school students trying to survive a vicious academic environment. Yun Doo is the leader of Real King, a dance club consisting of the worst-ranked students in the school. Yeol is vice president of Baek Ho, an elite club composed of the top five percent of students. By happenstance, the two clubs are forced to come together to form a cheerleading squad. Though they oppose their situation in the beginning, they put aside their differences for the benefit of both clubs.

Right now, eight of the 12 episodes have already been filmed and aired as mentioned earlier. For the remaining episodes, they come on at 10 p.m. KST on KBS2. For those who don’t have access to Korean broadcasting channels, they can be viewed for free on both DramaFever and Viki. Once Sassy, Go Go is finished, Eunji is expected to fully return to APink to work on upcoming K-pop endeavors for 2016.

[Image via Screen Capture of APink’s Music Video for “Remember”]