Jamie Otis And Doug Hehner Almost Ended Up Divorced, Not Out Of The Woods

Jamie Otis and Doug Hehner found love at first sight and got married without even knowing each other. The two didn’t seem like a perfect match at first, but they made it past that and on Married at First Sight it appeared that they had found love. Now, Wet Paint is sharing that Jamie and Doug almost actually got a divorce, and these two are not out of the woods yet. They have been working on their relationship, but things are far from perfect for Jamie and Doug. The couple actually took over Wet Paint’s Facebook page this week and in that time Jamie and Doug revealed a lot about their relationship that nobody knew yet.


Not long ago, Doug went to his Twitter page and shared that he wished nothing but the best for Jamie. Of course, people took this that the two might not last and that things could be over. Jamie just simply shared that you would have to see the show to find out how things ends up for them. Doug did give a better answer to fans though and revealed that things were pretty bad for them for a while.

“It definitely got close to the point of divorce, and it felt like we were both getting ready for divorce unfortunately! We are still not completely out of the woods yet, but we are both committed to each other, and to our marriage. Jamie and I are fighting hard for each other, and have been getting better everyday!”