‘Hawaii Five-0’ Spoilers: The Source Of The Calls Teased – Is It Catherine?

Hawaii Five-0 has put Steve McGarrett through a tough time this season. Catherine, played by Michelle Borth, returned to the islands and his life. He thought that all was well and he planned to pop the big question. Things did not work out as he hoped though, because she left the island again. She told him it was for a relief trip, but fans learned that her departure was caused by something else entirely.

Catherine left on a mission – a mission she could not even tell Steve about. Her mission and its location were revealed, but one does have to wonder if another woman in his life has turned into a secret agent. Did his mother somehow recruit Catherine into her line of work? That has not been teased or revealed in any recent spoilers, but it would make sense, would it not?

It would be bad luck for Steve though. After Catherine’s departure, Steve started receiving mysterious phone calls. No one would talk once he answered, and he even asked if it was Catherine when he had the person still on the line – they did not answer him.

TV Line shared new spoilers about this mysterious set of calls. The spoilers come straight from Peter Lenkov, the man in charge of the series.

“Showrunner Peter M. Lenkov tells me the payoff to that mystery will come at some point this season, though he won’t say how soon. ‘It’s not an ongoing [plot point], but it’s definitely a cloud that’s not going to go away,’ he teased. As for those (Steve included!) wondering if it ties into Catherine’s recent, covert exit, Lenkov said, ‘I like that people are thinking that!'”

When Catherine left, Steve told her that he would not wait for her this time. On the next Hawaii Five-0 episode, he will attempt to move on from his relationship with Catherine. He will go out on a date with a woman named Lynn, who is played by Sarah Carter. Fans of Falling Skies will recognize the actress. She appeared on the TNT series as Maggie for its entire run.

Spoiler TV shared the details for the episode shared by CBS.

“McGarrett’s first date with Lynn (Sarah Carter) on a deserted island turns deadly when a mob boss hiding there hunts them down in order to keep his location a secret. Also, Chin, Kono and Grover must race against the game clock to locate the father of a high school football star who will be murdered by a local gambler if his son doesn’t throw the big game.”

It is not known how long Sarah Carter will appear on the series, but her first date with McGarrett will be action packed.

Will Steve find someone new to love? Is it still possible Catherine will return and fix things with Steve? Anything is possible, but if the covert agent theory ends up being the truth behind her exit – would he want to live his life with a spy? He already has one in his life with his mother. Being married to a spy would not be easy.

Hawaii Five-0 has managed to keep the action going during Season 6. Fans tune in weekly, and the ratings for the CBS series are steady. There is a lot more action with Steve, Danny, and the rest of the 5-0 group on future episodes.

What do you think? Is Catherine a spy? Will she return to the series? Is she the one making all the mysterious phone calls? Are you enjoying this season so far? Hawaii Five-0 will continue to air on CBS on Friday nights.

[Image via CBS]