Salem Witch Wins Court Case Against Warlock Just Days Before Halloween

There are some stories you can’t make up. Just three days before Halloween, a Salem witch went to court against a notorious warlock to stop his alleged harassment of her.

Just as things are settling into that perfectly spooky time of year, in a town notorious for the 17th-century Salem witch trials, Lori Sforza has won her day in court against self-proclaimed warlock, Christian Day.

It was a spell-binding day in court when the pair faced off against each other in front of a Salem District Court Judge. Sforza accused Day of harassing her, both on the phone and via the social media, for the past three years.

The testimony became a little heated at times, as the Salem witch accused the warlock of constantly harassing her on the phone and humiliating her on Facebook, along with posting Photoshopped images.

In Day’s defense, the warlock’s lawyer said the dispute stems from a business partnership between the pair that fell apart some time back. WBZ-TV reports that the 75-year-old Salem witch, Sforza has known Day for around 27 years and that in 2009 she became his partner in a business, adding that Sforza treated day like a son.

Reportedly, the pair even made the headlines back in 2011 when they cast spells together in an attempt to heal actor Charlie Sheen, after he called himself a “Vatican assassin warlock” when interviewed on national television.

Acting for Sforza, her attorney Fiore Porreca, said that Day had been harassing her by phone from private numbers as well as online for around three years. Porreca said, “She’s being abused, intimidated and harassed,” and claimed that the alleged harassment was having a negative impact on the Salem witch’s business.

However, outside the courthouse, the warlock told reporters that the trouble started brewing in 2012 after Sforza decided to split from the partnership and start her own business. Nowadays, both the Salem witch and warlock run their own, separate occult shops in Salem.

Sforza reportedly claimed during the court hearing that she can see into her own future, saying that is why she was in court that day. The Salem witch, who goes by the business name Lori Bruno, said she is a psychic witch, descending from a line of Italian witches. She had apparently seen something bad in her future relating to Day; although, just what that was has not been reported in the media. Sforza also reportedly leads a pagan church in the town.

The judge, on hearing the matter, was dismayed by the sheer volume of the late-night calls made by Day to the Salem witch. Apparently after hearing the judge’s decision, Day, who did not testify during the court case, denied making the telephone calls and stormed out of the courthouse. He later told reporters that he was going to appeal the court order.

Meanwhile, as reported by the New York Post, Day, a 45-year-old warlock, now lives in Louisiana and owns occult shops in both New Orleans and back home in Salem. He is described on his personal website as the “world’s best-known warlock,” and reportedly organizes the Festival of the Dead in Salem. The event consists of a series of occult-themed events in October each year, culminating in a Witches’ Halloween Ball on the big day.

The Witches’ Halloween Ball will go ahead as planned on Saturday night in the town which, due to the 17th century Salem witch trials, continues to draw huge crowds each year for the October festivities.

[Photo via Flickr by ·júbilo·haku· /CC BY-NC-ND 2.0]