Floyd Mayweather Jr. Lawyers: Jail Might Ruin His Career

Boxing champion Floyd Mayweather Jr. is currently serving a three-month sentence in a Las Vegas prison after he attacked his ex-girlfriend in front of their two children. Now the boxers lawyers are asking for his release, fearing that conditions at the prison may end Mayweather’s boxing career.

In a motion to the court the boxing champions lawyers ask that Mayweather be placed on house arrest inside his massive Las Vegas mansion. His lawyers argue that being confined to a jail cell 23 hours per day is causing harm to the boxers physique, damage that may not be reversible once he is finally released.

Mayweather Jr. Lawyer Richard Wright tells the Las Vegas Review-Journal that he filed an emergency motion on Monday. In the motion his lawyers argue that the boxer has been given a restricted workout schedule because they fear putting him in with the general population could be harmful to his health because of his celebrity. Prisoners have been known to lash out against celebrities in order to make a name for themselves while behind bars.

In the motion Wright quotes the boxer’s own doctors who say damage caused to his physique at his age could lead to irreversible damage.

Jail officials have not yet commented on the request or offered any insight into Floyd Mayweather Jr’s time spent in jail.

Do you think Mayweather Jr. should be allowed to go on house arrest or should his violent actions force him to face future consequences because of his crime?