One Direction Shock: Split Permanent Amidst Reports Of Bitter Feud

As every fan of One Direction is only too painfully aware the band’s “On The Road Again” tour wraps up tonight. One Direction play the last of their three gigs in Sheffield and the curtain falls on another episode of the phenomena the boy band has created. Just five years ago, One Direction was brought together on Simon Cowell’s X-Factor show and within a very short period of time they ruled the pop world.


The rise of One Direction has been nothing less than spectacular. Under the direction of Cowell’s SyCo, One Direction has recorded five albums, won almost 120 music industry awards and traversed the globe four times in as many years. The pressure on five young men has been absolutely relentless. Their every move is reported in the press, they are hounded by fans and paparazzi and if you are part of One Direction privacy is just a word in the dictionary.

Over the past year there have been numerous rumors that One Direction’s current tour would be their last. It is widely known that One Direction signed a five-year, five-album deal with Simon Cowell. It is believed that the deal expires once the boys complete the promotional round for their forthcoming album Made In The A.M. which is due to drop on November 13. With One Direction headed for a split there is no new deal on the table at present.

The official line from the One Direction camp is that the split is to be a lengthy but temporary hiatus. Just yesterday it was reported in Inquisitr that Louis Tomlinson has reassured fans that One Direction will definitely be back after a break. There can be no doubt that One Direction desperately need and deserve a break. Their schedule has been relentless and has only increased since Zayn Malik walked out earlier this year.

Since One Direction announced that they are to take an extended sabbatical rumors have been rife that the split is to be permanent and that information is being drip fed to the media in an attempt to soften the blow to One Direction fans. There is little doubt that some One Direction fans are obsessional over the band. When Zayn Malik walked out, some One Direction fans trended twitter hashtags urging other fans to self harm in an attempt to persuade Malik to return. One Direction and their management could fear that things might be worse if they officially split.

Despite assertions from various members of One Direction that their split is temporary, stories continue to emerge that this really is the end.


This morning, numerous U.K. outlets are reporting that One Direction is over and that the real reason behind the split is a bitter feud between Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson. The Daily Mail reports that years of bitter rivalry between Styles and Tomlinson means that the pair are barely on speaking terms.

In a report that will shock those who believe that Harry and Louis are secret lovers, the Mirror reports that the One Direction stars had a major fallout back in 2012. They claim that a source has told the Sun that the animosity between the pair is the real reason for One Direction’s split.

“No one knows exactly what caused the falling out – they didn’t even tell the other boys the full details.”

“But it was very serious and their friendship has never recovered. Everyone involved in the band is well aware of the animosity between them. It’s been central to everything else that came next with the band because there was suddenly a massive divide.”

The report goes on to claim that Harry and Louis won’t even travel together and that the only genuine friendship within One Direction is between Liam Payne and Louis. Despite these latest claims, One Direction’s Niall Horan has once again reassured fans urging them not to believe these latest claims.


These latest claims will be a blow to One Direction fans who are desperately hoping that these stories are untrue and that One Direction will reunite after a break.

[Photo by Jason Merritt/Getty Images]