Boy George’s Prince ‘Joke’ Is More Halloween Trick Than Treat, Claims ‘The Voice’ Producers

Will Prince have to refer to himself as the “artist formerly known as the guy who slept with Boy George” for now on? While Boy George’s Prince “joke” continues to be spread around the internet as Halloween approaches, the producers of The Voice are scrambling to make certain the world knows this comment was a mere trick. Although Prince has yet to publicly comment on the controversy, it seems everyone is pretty quick to say there is no truth to the idea.

In a related report by the Inquisitr, Boy George celebrated Caitlyn Jenner’s new name during a ceremony and concert.

Now, here is how things went down during The Voice UK. Boy George’s Prince “joke” apparently was part of an one-upmanship game with Paloma Faith over their credentials. Boy George was sitting with his fellow judges, who include Paloma,, and Ricky Wilson of the Kaiser Chiefs. They were discussing famous musicians with whom they had collaborated in the past, and Boy George threw down the gauntlet by claiming he had sung with the “greatest soul singers in history.”

“I have duetted with some of the greatest soul singers in history including Luther Vandross and Smokey Robinson,” Boy George remarked.

Paloma Faith could not let that statement stand, so she replied, “Well OK, if we’re throwing big soul names out there I’ve performed with Prince.”

This claim led Boy George to bring down the house with a claim about his history with Prince.

“Forget that, darling, I’ve slept with Prince,” he declared.

Reports say this quip threw the crowd into a “frenzy.”

“We just couldn’t believe what he had come out with — and the guys in the gallery were beside themselves,” a production team source said, according to The Sun. “The crowd went absolutely wild because they thought they had just witnessed a massive celebrity exclusive. The other judges thought it was brilliant, particularly”

Both the crowd and the judges were shocked by this statement, but that did not stop from giving Boy George an endless string of high-fives. But not everyone was ecstatic, since representatives for The Voice UK quickly tried to squash the “Boy George slept with Prince” chatter.

One witness to Boy George’s “joke” said the producers quickly spoke to him about the issue, and all of the sudden he claimed he was not being serious.

“After that, Boy George started backtracking saying he hadn’t really slept with Prince and that in reality, he just had his poster on his wall. But as far as the crowd were concerned the cat was already out of the bag.”

Over on social media, many seem to believe that Boy George’s Prince claim is in fact the truth (although, it is hard to tell when people are being serious on Twitter).

Perhaps due to this reaction, representatives for the show are continuing to try to stamp out the idea that Boy George slept with Prince. According to Uproxx, the producers shot down earlier reports that The Voice stopped in the middle of the show because of Boy George’s joke. In addition, they are stressing that the claim was never intended to be serious at all.

“He just went, ‘Oh darling, I’ve slept with him.’ He went on to say that he had Prince posters on his wall as a kid. He was never being serious,” said one representative.

Do you think Boy George was really joking when he declared that he slept with Prince?

[Photo by Mark Wieland/Getty Images]