Investigator Says Disney Cruise Line Worker Who Vanished May Have Been ‘Murdered’

A Disney Cruise Line employee who went missing back in 2011 is still having her case investigated and some are now saying that she may have been murdered. Twenty-four-year-old Rebecca Coriam, a kids’ host on the Disney Wonder, has been missing for years, but her family has never given up on her. Now, investigators believe something worse may have happened to her.

The British woman was said to have fallen overboard from the Disney Wonder as it was near Mexico. Her body has never been recovered.

The BBC reported that police from the Bahamas investigated Coriam’s disappearance because the ship is registered there. This makes it outside of the U.K.’s jurisdiction, but there are calls for all possible crimes at sea involving U.K. citizens to be investigated by their authorities.

rebecca coriam disney cruise line
Photo via Coriam family

Labor MP Chris Matheson believes that a proper investigation into Coriam’s disappearance was not done. He fears that she may have been killed and that there is actually a “real possibility” of that, but more information is needed.

“I believe there’s sufficient evidence to indicate a crime may well have taken place. Whatever the circumstance, there’s an obligation to investigate. My worst fear is Rebecca Coriam was murdered.

“Now is the time for that investigation to take place.”

Coriam’s parents are not giving up on finding out exactly what happened to their child.

“It’s our daughter,” Mike Coriam said. “There’s been an investigation. Why hold it from us?”

Mike Coriam is speaking of the investigation that was done with the Bahamas and the information given to U.K. authorities. Metro reports that there were specific instructions given to not share the findings with Rebecca Coriam’s family.

One thing that is known is that Coriam’s credit card, which was not included with her personal effects, was used after she vanished. Information as to where it was used, or on what, has not been released.

disney cruise line rebecca coriam
Photo via Coriam family

Former Deputy Prime Minister Lord Prescott has stated that there should be an end to the flags of convenience arrangement. This is the system in place for where investigations are taking place when a crime has been committed.

Prescott suggests that the American system of handling things be adopted by all cruise ships. The United States has the FBI investigate the death of a U.S. national no matter where the particular cruise ship may be registered.

“People don’t know whether she died or was thrown over the side.

“What is so alarming is many people are going missing and nothing is being done about it, except for America.”

The Disney Cruise Line has four ships in its fleet and has been in the news over the last year for picking up a number of drifters, or those that have fallen overboard.

In January, the Disney Magic was traveling behind a Royal Caribbean ship when a passenger went overboard on their route. The Royal Caribbean ship had not noticed the lost passenger and he ended up being picked up and rescued by the Disney Magic.

Later in January, the Disney Magic also came across five Cuban nationals who were sailing around in a makeshift raft/boat. They took the men on board for a few hours before the Coast Guard came and took them into custody.

Rebecca Coriam’s family has not given up on finding out what happened to their daughter when she worked for the Disney Cruise Line in 2011. It is no longer believed that she simply vanished, but that she was indeed murdered, and now U.K. officials are trying to perform a more thorough investigation.

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