WWE Rumors: Hall Of Famer Getting Ready And Healthy For One More WWE Run

In the past year alone, there have been a number of big returns to WWE by superstars that many thought would never be back. The Dudley Boyz, Alberto Del Rio, and others have shockingly shown back up. A number of other names such as Bill Goldberg and Carlito have been the subject of return rumors, but nothing has been confirmed yet. Now, another wrestling WWE Hall of Famer says he’s preparing himself for one more run, and Kevin Nash is trying to fix himself for it.

Nash spoke with Sports Illustrated about a number of things including wrestling and his acting career. Lately, he’s been more in the acting world, doing a number of films including Magic Mike XXL with Channing Tatum and countless others.

In regard to his acting career, Nash said he loves doing it and wants to be unique at it.

“I take every role, whether it’s a line or more, and try to make it my own. All these people talk about the secret to acting. To me, it’s once you find the character, like Engleheart in ‘The Longest Yard.’ I could turn that character on morning, noon, and night. That’s the key–finding the character.

“I’ve had a career in wrestling, and this is the next area where I’m determined to be successful. You have to be realistic and know that you’re just going to be a character actor. You’re not going to be a lead, you’re not going to be doing romantic comedies, but there is plenty of work out there.”

While he does enjoy his acting career, it’s obvious that wrestling is the first love of the 56-year-old member of the WWE Hall of Fame. He’s shown up part-time for appearances here and there as recently as earlier this year.

Still, he’s not done wrestling and says he’s preparing for at least one more run.

“I have one more run. I’m started to get things fixed. I’m getting my shoulder fixed, I’m getting my neck fixed. I miss it, so never say never.”

His last big appearance was at WrestleMania 31 in late March when the nWo got involved in the match between Sting and Triple H. Nash came down to the ring with Scott Hall and Hulk Hogan to take on D-Generation X members Billy Gunn, X-Pac, and Road Dogg.

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Kevin Nash had also competed in the Royal Rumble last year and appeared sporadically throughout the year. He hasn’t really had much of a wrestling feud since his last one with Triple H in late 2011.

Some of his greatest success came in the ’90s when he was known simply as Diesel.

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Along with wanting one more WWE run of his own, Kevin Nash spoke on a number of others including Sting and The Undertaker. Wrestling Inc. reported that not only did Undertaker almost go to WCW, but that he’s still amazed by him.

“There’s a reason why, right now, Merle Haggard and Willie Nelson are out touring. People want the drama. When guys are kicking out of 450-f—–g moonsaults on one-and-a-half, what’s the false finish? There are so few storytellers left, but ‘Taker can go out there and tell a story.”

Within the last two months, Nash’s good friend and former tag team partner Scott Hall recently got a job working with NXT. He’s been helping train the new recruits and superstars to be prepared for the main event roster of WWE.

It woudn’t be out of the question for Kevin Nash to have one more WWE run. He still looks to be in great shape and if he’s healed up and there’s a storyline for him, it’s almost a given that Triple H would find him a spot. Now, it’s just wondering if any old nWo friends will show up with him.

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