Man Attacks Girlfriend With Wasabi, Gets Arrested

John McGuinness, 22, was arraigned on Friday after he allegedly attacked his girlfriend with Wasabi. The super hot ingredient found in Chinese and Japanese restaurants led to several charges including domestic assault and battery, assault and battery with a dangerous weapon, and intimidation of a witness.

Police responded to a call during the early Friday morning hours. The caller said a female had been assaulted but did not provide further details.

Once on the scene the victim told police that her boyfriend at been drinking at a local sports bar and on the way home she received a text message from a male friend which apparently angered McGuinness to the point of an argument.

As she drove away the victim says she received a text message from McGuinness in which he said a $200 pair of her jeans were being thrown outside. As the victim drove back to her boyfriends residence she found the jeans covered in wasabi sauce.

John McGuinness then forced his girlfriends car window down and stole her cellphone which forced her to exit the vehicle.

The victim was then hit in the face with her own wasabi covered jeans, causing the hot substance to get in her eyes.

As she attempted to clean her eyes of the burning sauce McGuinness proceeded to pour more of the wasabi sauce inside her vehicle.

Police quickly arrested the apparent lover of Chinese food and he will now attend a pretrial hearing on July 12.

To say this argument became heated is an understatement.