Konrad Annerud: Leonardo DiCaprio Doppelganger Dances And Is A Swedish Bartender [Photos, Videos]

Konrad Annerud is a Swedish bartender who is taking the Internet by storm because he looks exactly like Leonardo DiCaprio. If you’ve heard the saying everyone has a twin, but maybe didn’t believe it, Konrad might change your mind. It’s unclear how being Leonardo DiCaprio’s doppelganger is affecting his life, but by the looks of this Vine video, he seems to be enjoying himself. For those who fell in love with Leonardo but worried you didn’t have a chance, well, now there’s hope. Konrad Annerud is on social media networks so if you can’t get enough of Leonardo, you have plenty of opportunities to gawk at his doppleganger. There’s no word if he’s interested in showbusiness, but you can check out his dance moves below.

While Leonardo DiCaprio is soon to turn 41 years old, Konrad Annerud is 20 years his junior. There’s no word on who Konrad’s parents are or if Leonardo spent some time in Sweden back in the ’90s, but the likeness is truly uncanny. Konrad Annerud is on Instagram and Vine, and granted an interview with Swedish outlet NYHEER 24.

“Jag får ju höra att jag är lik honom ganska ofta, särskilt eftersom jag jobbar som bartender på en nattklubb, säger Konrad till Nyheter24.”

English Translation

I get to hear that I’m like him [Leo]quite often, especially since I work as a bartender in a nightclub, says Konrad to Nyheter24.”

“Det kan ju bli lite halvjobbigt ibland när folk kallar mig för Leo istället för mitt namn liksom. Men det är väl kul att vara lik honom, han är ju snygg.”

English Translation

“It can become a bit half-hard sometimes when people call me Leo instead of my name as well. But that’s fun to be like him, he’s handsome.”

If Leonardo DiCaprio is handsome, then Konrad Annerud can be sure that he’s handsome as well. And if the responses and comments on his social media networks are any indicator, he’s already amassed quite the fan following that is perfectly pleased he looks so much like Leonardo.

📷: @stella_cocozza Mer bilder på http://stellacocozza.blogg.se/

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Watch Konrad Annerud wipe out on his skateboard! Ouch, that looks painful!

Hahah classic…

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Women’s Health addressed the issue of how everyone, including total strangers, have a twin somewhere. According to the article, all people share 99.5 percent of their gene sequence. The remaining sequences allow for various differences, but also for similarities to occur. Geneticist Arthur Beaudet expounded upon the phenomena by pointing to the fact that many strangers are actually distantly related. This allows for them to share more DNA sequences, and allows for strong resemblances.

“People who look identical almost certainly share more DNA than two random strangers who don’t look alike.”

The idea of doppelgangers, doubles, and twin strangers is so fascinating that there is a website devoted to finding twin matches: Twin Strangers. There’s no word if Leonardo DiCaprio and Konrad Annerud have signed up, but we wouldn’t be surprised if they were an instant match.

Konrad Annerud has spoken about several instances where he was mobbed by fans who mistook him for Leonardo DiCaprio. Leonardo DiCaprio stars in the film The Revenant set for a Dec. 25 release date. What do you think about twin strangers and Leonardo DiCaprio’s new doppelganger Konrad Annerud?

Check out these videos of Leonardo DiCaprio and his Doppleganger Konrad Annerud below.

[Photo by Brenda Chase]