Rihanna Used Model Jahnassa Aicken As Body Double For Lingerie Ad? Singer Denies Claim

Rihanna shows plenty of skin on stage and in her music videos, but apparently the singer was a little shy about posing for an Armani ad. Rumors are floating around that the singer used Irish model Jahnassa Aicken as a body double for the ad. Of course, Rihanna says that the claim is a lie.

UK Tabloid the Sun broke the story that Rihanna had used a body double. Which is why the Sun was the subject of the singer’s anger.

Rihanna wrote on twitter:

“Ok @thesunnewspaper, this is the only way I could say this to you!!! F*** YOU….AND yo baggy ass condom.”

The tabloid claims that shots of Rihanna’s butt, stomach, and chest are actually of Jahnassa Aicken. According to The Sun, the Irish model had to sign an agreement saying that she would not talk about the ad. But a source told the Sun that “Jahnassa’s torso, body and bum appear in parts of the ad.”

The source added:

“It’s shocking Rihanna wanted one, considering she loves posing with no clothes — plus she’s in great shape.”

Rihanna, however, doesn’t seem to know this Jahnassa Aicken. The singer wrote on Twitter: “Who is Jahnassa… Does she have a tat on her hand too?”

Here’s the ad in question. Do you think Rihanna used Jahnassa Aicken as a body double?

Fox News reports that the Advertising Standards Authority would investigate the ad if they found the claims credible.

The agency said: “If we have complaints consumers have been misled by the use of a body double, we will investigate.”

Do you think Rihanna used a body double?