Jenelle Evans Shares Family Video While Her Mom Takes Jenelle's Kids To The Aquarium Amid Custody Battle

Although she does not currently have custody of her kids, that didn't stop Jenelle Evans from uploading an old video showing her kids and husband at their home. According to a report from People, the mom of three shared the video over the weekend, which shows her "homesteading" life.

"Since the beginning of this year I've strived very hard to get the #family together and involved with our different projects. So far they have fallen in love with the experience!" Jenelle wrote on Instagram, providing the link to the video.

The video is a little over 20 minutes long, and shows Jenelle -- and her family -- on their property, alongside chickens and baby chicks. Her son, Kaiser, is in the video, as well as her daughter, Ensley. However, while the children appear in the video, which was likely filmed a few weeks ago, they are not currently in her care.

Kaiser is in the temporary care of his father, Nathan Griffith, and has been since last month -- when he was removed from Jenelle's care. Jenelle's daughter was also removed from the home Jenelle shares with her husband. Ensley is currently staying with Jenelle's mother, Barbara.

In the video, Jenelle explained, "The kids absolutely loved everything about raising these tiny chicks. While we tackle trying to figure out farm life, we learn a lot along the way. We love to share helpful information with all of you as we learn."

Meanwhile, Barbara took Ensley and Jenelle's oldest son, Jace, on a fun outing over the weekend. According to a report from Us Weekly, Barbara took Ensley and Jace to the aquarium on Sunday. This isn't the first outing that Barbara has taken her grandchildren on, though. Last week, she shared photos of the kids at the beach.

Jenelle rose to fame on the hit MTV show Teen Mom 2. She shared her life for nearly a decade, before being dropped from the show this year. After her husband was fired from the show in 2018, filming Jenelle became increasingly difficult. On the most recent season, Jenelle often filmed outside of her home, as the cameras could not be there with her husband around.

The mom of three was let go from the show back in May, and she made her final televised appearance with Teen Mom 2 on the reunion episode, which wrapped up last week. She has recently been appearing in court in order to fight for custody of her kids, who were removed from her care last month after her husband reportedly killed her dog.