‘Halo 5’ Warzone And REQ System Tips And Tricks

The new Warzone multiplayer mode added to Halo 5: Guardians is one of the most ambitious and entertaining parts of the Xbox One exclusive. The “Warzone Will Make or Break ‘Halo 5’ Launch” article written for the Inquisitr prior to game’s launch turns out to have thankfully fallen on the positive side. Now that the mode is here and working beyond expectations, let’s take a look at how to make the most of the mode and its new REQ system.

There are two different modes to Warzone for Halo 5. Both feature 12 players versus 12 players, but the standard Warzone mode adds in AI opponents at the start of the match and drops more in at regular intervals throughout.

We can think of a standard Warzone match of taking place in phases. The first phase is to clear out your side’s home base of hostile AI opponents. The second phase is to capture the nearby base and attempt to capture the base in the middle of the map, as the other side will be doing the same. The third phase is the battle for control of the map to capture or lose all three bases outside of the home bases. When all three are captured, the core of the opposing home base is opened and can be destroyed, which is the final phase.

Halo 5 Guardians Warzone (Xbox One)

Destroying the core is but one win condition in the Halo 5 multiplayer mode. The other win condition is to earn 1,000 Victory Points by capturing bases, killing opponents, and killing the AI enemies that drop into the battlefield through the four phases.

The other Warzone mode is an Assault variant and plays similar to the Rush multiplayer mode from the Battlefield series. One team is assaulting a series of bases on the map while the other team defends. The assaulting team has a set period of time to capture a base or lose the match, with the ultimate goal of destroying the core in the opposing home base. Meanwhile, the defending team has to successfully keep the assaulting team from taking the two bases and destroying the core in the home base.

Warzone Assault essentially plays on half the map of standard Warzone and starts at what would be the middle base. “Raid on Apex 7” is perhaps the most difficult Halo 5 map for the assaulting side to start on, as the starting Spire base is a raised platform up a hill. The assaulting team will need to coordinate between those looking for perches to fire on the base and those charging the spire to capture it.

Halo 5 Guardians Warzone - Apex 7 Spire (Xbox One)

Requisitions (REQ)

All of the above is a lead up to what is likely the most critical part of Warzone: the Requisition system for Halo 5, or REQ for short. Players will use this to upgrade their weapons from the starting Assault Rifle and Magnum, obtain boosts, or summon game-changing vehicles.

Mister Chief explained the basics REQ system in an entertaining video, as previously covered. However, here is a more detailed rundown of how it works.

Players obtain REQ Points from completing Warzone and Arena matches in Halo 5. Warzone matches can be worth a couple of thousand REQ Points, whereas Arena match points typically hover under a thousand. You can also enable a boost before a match to obtain bonus REQ Points.

Halo 5 Guardians REQ Store (Xbox One)

These REQ Points can then be used to purchase REQ Packs, which can be thought of as virtual trading cards. The packs will contain a mix of permanent cosmetic items like weapon skins and armor plus various temporary weapons, boosts, and vehicles of varying quality. There are even “random” REQ cards to obtain random vehicles and weapons in a Warzone match.

In Warzone, a team will increase its REQ Level from level one through potentially level 9 in the course of a match. Raising the REQ Level is done through earning Victory Points from base captures, opposing team kills, and AI enemy kills.

You can purchase weapons and vehicles from REQ Stations located in each of the bases on the map as long as your team has control of that base. Items can also be purchased in between spawns from the menu. You’ll hit REQ Level 2 immediately after capturing your home base, but it is probably best to hold off on purchasing anything until REQ Level 3 is reached.

Halo 5 Guardians REQ Cards (Xbox One)

Loadout weapons purchased will stick with players through the rest of the match. For example, you can purchase a Battle Rifle at REQ Level 3 and keep it each time you spawn. Meanwhile, purchased Power Weapons, Vehicles, and Boosts will not respawn with you.

When you purchase an item at a REQ Station, you’ll start a cool down phase. For example, if you purchased a Scorpion at REQ Level 6, you’ll have to wait for the cooldown period to go through each of the REQ Levels to purchase something else at those REQ levels. The exception to this is the Loadout weapons, they will not cause a cooldown.

For example, purchasing a REQ Level 4 Ghost will reset the REQ Level to zero, and it will slowly count up through the REQ Levels. I can purchase items at each of the levels that unlocks through the cooldown period, but the level will reset again.

With the basics out of the way, here are the tips and tricks for Warzone and the Halo 5 REQ System. Please share any you have in the comments below.

Halo 5 Guardians Warzone (Xbox One)

Buy Silver Packs to Start

Silver Packs cost 5,000 REQ Points and guarantee two permanent unlocks. Since the REQ system prioritizes giving permanent unlocks you don’t have, this will fill out unlocks more quickly than the Gold Packs, which cost 10,000 REQ Points. Once most of the Halo 5 permanent unlocks have been obtained, then buy Gold Packs to increase your odds at gaining Legendary items instead of wasting REQ Points on receiving Common and Uncommon unlocks.

There’s one more reason to focus on Silver Packs to start. You need to obtain unlocks for the different weapons and vehicles before you start receiving REQ Cards for them. You’ll unlock them faster with Silver Packs than with Gold Packs or Bronze Packs.

Sell REQ Cards You Don’t Need

Get extra REQ Points by selling REQ Cards that have numerous duplicates. You’ll quickly discover that Mongoose cards are more than plentiful and can be sold for 50 REQ Points each.

Halo 5 - Too Many Mongoose (Xbox One)


The key to victory in both Warzone modes is communication, as is with most Halo 5 multiplayer modes. Talking with teammates, as well as calling out enemies and objectives, is critical in 12 versus 12. It will be rare to capture a base by yourself, and most of the AI enemies cannot be brought down single-handedly.

AI Enemy Kills Can Swing Matches

AI enemies will spawn through all four phases of a standard Warzone match. Killing these enemies is worth 25 points to start and grows to 150 Victory Points. These points can quickly swing a match or extend a lead. Just remember: It’s easy to steal an AI boss kill from the other team. The only thing that matters is which side gets in the killing shot.

That’s actually one of the nicely designed aspects of standard Warzone. Developer 343 Industries set it so the losing team still has a chance at victory even if they are losing the point tally. They can come back and achieve victory either through killing AI enemies or destroying the enemy core.

Get Good with the Magnum

It is an excellent mid-range to long-range weapon and can be devastating in the early Warzone phases. It’s also good skill to pick up for other Halo 5 multiplayer modes too.

Take AI Enemy Weapons

Some AI enemies will drop weapons that you can pick up and use. Forerunners will typically drop the Suppressor or Boltshot, which can be excellent weapons to use in the starting phase of the game.

Halo 5 Guardians Warzone (Xbox One)

Balance Your Weapons

Always leave yourself balanced between short-to-mid range weapons and long-to-mid range weapons. Never buy a Battle Rifle and swap it in for your Assault Rifle for a Battle Rifle and Magnum combo, for example. This leaves you with two mid-to-long range weapons and nothing to fill in for short-to-mid range encounters. The same can be said when purchasing Power Weapons. If you have a SMG and Magnum combo and want to buy a Sniper Rifle, put it in place of the Magnum for a SMG / Sniper Rifle combo.

This is another tip that applies to other Halo 5 multiplayer modes as well.

Manage Your REQ Level

As mentioned above, purchasing a vehicle or power weapon will create a cooldown on the REQ Level. Be cognizant of the situation in the match before purchasing something. The feel of when to use a REQ is something learned through the course of play. Generally, though, you want to call in a vehicle at the optimum time, such as during a base push or when an AI minion spawns. If you can coordinate your purchase with a teammate, it is even better. Two tanks on the field or a tank and a pair of Ghosts can swing a match quickly.

Use REQ Stations to Refill Ammo

Run out of ammo for your Battle Rifle? Run up to a REQ Station to get ammo back. Note: This only works on Loadout Weapons and not Power Weapons.

Don’t Rush into an Enemy Base with a Power Weapon

You drop the Power Weapon when you die, allowing the other team to pick it up. There’s no worse feeling than rushing into an enemy base with a Rocket Launcher that you’ve only fired once and then die.

On the flip side, don’t spawn into a base that is under attack with a Power Weapon and don’t use a REQ Station while a base is under attack. You are just asking to give the other team a Power Weapon.

Halo 5 Guardians Warzone (Xbox One)

Learn the Maps

This should go without saying for a Halo title, but there are multiple paths to take in these large Warzone maps. A full frontal assault on the Spire in “Apex 7” is not always necessary, for example, as there is an entrance from the caves in the in rear. There are also man cannons sprinkled around maps to help get around faster. Start a custom game to learn the multiple paths, learn the locations of objects, and learn the best hiding spots and vantage points.

Recharge Your Shields

Don’t run into a fight at less than full shields. If you have to, duck into some place safe and recover your shields. Remember that sprinting disables shield recharging.

Pair Up

Find a teammate or three and run together. You will all be a much more effective as a Halo 5 fireteam instead of four lone wolves.


Doing this hides you from the radar. Nothing is more frustrating to an opposing team trying to find the one guy crouching in a base preventing them from capturing it. That gives the rest of your team time to help out.

[Image via Halo Waypoint]