Yacht Explodes Off New Jersey Coast, Passengers Jump Ship

The Coast Guard responded to a call that a yacht had exploded off the coast of New Jersey, where at least nine passengers were injured.

The explosion occurred around 4:20 p.m., 17.5 miles east of Sandy Hook, New Jersey. Two hours after the initial distress call, the Guard reported that 21 passengers managed to safely abandon ship, though nine suffered serious burns. Though they have been searching for the downed vessel, the Guard hasn’t found any evidence of the vessel Blind Date, or any wreckage indicating an explosion. Despite flotilla, rescue boat, and helicopter searches, no victims were found either, making the whole situation more than a little fishy (pun intended).

According to reports, the Coast Guard sent out rescue ships from stations in Jones Beach, New York and Sandy Hook. They also sent helicopters from Atlantic City and Cape Cod. According to a Coast Guard spokesman, the New York Police Department also assisted, dispatching helicopters.

All 21 passengers were recovered from the downed ship, with nine requiring medical attention for second and third-degree burns. I know I don’t have to tell you this (you guys are smart), but it’s pretty unusual for a 150-foot boat to leave no evidence of wreckage so soon after it exploded.

Ten ambulances were at the scene, and seven were seen leaving the area as of the latest reports. Several of the anbulance drivers said that they had been released. Fire engines were also leaving the scene.

Bahr’s restaurant in the Highlands holds probably the only witnesses to the scene aside from the passengers themselves. Hostess Alyse Storzieri said that she saw “flashing lights” and two ambulances heading toward the ocean. “I saw one ambulance drive down along the beach and another ambulance just pulled up.” Storzieri said it was at a booth near the entrance to Sandy Hook.

So yeah. We have no idea what happened. What do you think? Got anything we missed? Sound off below.

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