June 29, 2017
Shannon Beador Fan Backs Up USC Fight Story, Claims Nicole McMackin's Account Was Fabricated

Shannon Beador and her husband attended a USC football game over the weekend, and during their fun outing with friends, the Real Housewives of Orange County star came face-to-face with her husband David's former mistress, Nicole McMackin. Following the awkward encounter, Shannon Beador spoke out about the unexpected run-in, and around the same time, McMackin and her husband, Reed, released a joint statement about her affair with David.

While each woman has reportedly told different stories about their encounter, a fan on Facebook recently spoke out, confirming Shannon Beador was telling the truth.

On October 27, as reported by Real Mr. Housewife, a man named Nicholas Keller posted a statement on Shannon Beador's wall, in which he claimed to support the reality star and her fight against her husband's mistress.

"You sit one section from us at SC games!!! We met at the Stanford game!! Your version of events holds water over 'hers'…..police and security would never let her version of events happen in the runway to your section!! Or even in your Cardinal and Gold Donor section!! You guys are welcome at are tailgate in lot 6 any time!! Big screen, generator, bbq, drinks!! Fight On!! Support you and David 100% (as well as your girls)."

"Frankly! We want you to know…we have no desire to be affiliated with the the housewives in any way…ever!! We just support you and David!" Keller continued. "Our invite to the tailgate is based on Trojan pride!! No photos!! 100% support!! Fight On!"

Shannon Beador and her husband, David, exposed their marital troubles throughout the 10th season of The Real Housewives of Orange County, and by its end, the couple appeared to be in a much better place. However, weeks after filming on the series wrapped, the Daily Mail revealed the identity of David's mistress, and Nicole McMackin also shared several new details about her life at home with husband Reed and their children. According to the report, McMackin not only lived just 20 minutes from Shannon Beador's home, she also enrolled one of her children on a sports team in which one of Shannon and David's daughters was a part of. And as if the news of David's mistress' identity wasn't hard enough to take, Shannon Beador's troubles with McMackin were far from over.

On Saturday, following a Watch What Happens Live interview, in which Shannon Beador announced she and David were better than they'd ever been, she and McMackin were involved in a public screaming match during the game mentioned above.

According to Shannon Beador, McMackin was making a spectacle of herself for the entirety of the game, and eventually, after she stepped out of the audience for a bathroom break, she ran into McMackin in the tunnel of the stadium and told her she had some nerve showing up to the game when she knew she'd be there. In response, Shannon Beador alleged McMackin got in her face and began yelling at her, telling her, via Us Weekly, that she was "crazy."

Shannon Beador then proceeded to announce to the crowd around them that McMackin was the woman who had been sleeping with her husband, David, for eight months. The crowd, however, reportedly didn't seem phased by the news, and eventually, the two women went their separate ways.

For more Shannon Beador, tune into The Real Housewives of Orange County Season 10 reunion part three. The special concludes next week on Bravo.

[Photo via Instagram]