Dominique Moceanu Reunites With Secret Sister Jen Bricker [Video]

Jen Bricker, who was born without legs, grew up idolizing Olympic gymnast Dominique Moceanu. It wasn’t until recently, however, that she learned that the famous Olympian was her biological sister.

Bricker said:

“I wouldn’t shut up about her. Dominique! I knew she was Romanian. I knew we looked alike. I was her biggest fan!”

Dominique Moceanu, of course, was also unaware that she had a secret sister. According to ABC, Bricker was adopted by a Romanian family when she was an infant.

Bricker grew up a natural-born athlete with a love for gymnastics. She competed at the Junior Olympics as a power tumbler and now works as a professional acrobat and aerialist for entertainers like Brittany Spears.

When Bricker was 16 her parents told her the identity of her biological parents and her famous sister. It took Bricker a few years, but eventually she wrote Moceanu a letter.

Moceanu said:

“I received the biggest shock of my life…. When I received the letter, my psyche couldn’t take it all in. You have to realize the context, when I was receiving this letter, I was becoming a mother, losing a father, gaining a sister, and gaining a daughter. It was a lot to take in. I believed it because of the way Jennifer had packaged the letter so carefully. There were the adoption papers and I saw my parent’s handwriting on the papers. I knew immediately after seeing the photos as well that she looked so similar to my youngest sister Christina. They’re pretty much twins!”

Dominique Moceanu, her sister Christina, and her new sister Jen Bricker are now doing their best to make up for lost time.

Bricker said:

“It’s so much fun every time the three of us get together. And I can’t believe this crazy life is my crazy life. And by crazy, I mean awesome!

Here’s a video from 20/20 about Dominique Moceanu and her secret sister Jen Bricker.

Here’a another video from ABC.

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Dominique Moceanu details her story, and her sister’s, in her new memoir “Off Balance.”