Tiny ID Chips Will Be Secretly Injected Into Everyone Via Vaccination Program, Claims Former Politician

A former politician believes he has stumbled across a sinister plot to secretly inject people with tiny identity microchips through a worldwide vaccination program which is due to start in January.

There’s always been a considerable degree of debate surrounding the safety of vaccinations, particularly the mandatory vaccinations of children, but to date, not many prominent public figures have put their reputation on the line by revealing to the public that they are convinced there are dark plans afoot to inject every man, woman, and child with a microchip that is smaller than a grain of sugar.

To be fair, the former politician in question, Mr. Simon Parkes, has past form in sabotaging his own credibility. The Daily Express reports that the former Labor councillor from the U.K. stepped down from his post in Whitby Town after expressing the heartfelt conviction that his mother was an alien.

Only last week, Parkes made the fiercely flamboyant claim that he had singlehandedly saved the human race from a fate worse than death, after stopping the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) from opening a gateway to another dimension where hordes of aliens were waiting to rush through and enslave mankind.

Portal To Another Dimension?

Parkes believes the Illuminati were behind the foiled plan, and boasted of his heroics before hundreds of people at an event organized by the UFO Academy at High Elms Manor in Watford, Hertfordshire.

“It became very obvious the LHC was going to be used for a pivotal roll on August 15 this year. I have not said the LHC can break the divine link between all good humans on this plane and divine consciousness, but that was their plan.”

Parkes explained how he had used “mind warp” techniques to throw a spanner into the Illuminati works.

“We couldn’t just do nothing. There is much you could do without sticking your head above the parapet. I created a global meditation group connecting consciousness and most countries now have two or three people. Places like the US and UK have got hundreds. We really can affect matters with our mind.”

Parkes believes his group’s telepathic wave of “positive energy” prevented the aliens from getting a foothold in the portal and damaged the LHC.

“It is not illegal to psychically damage government equipment because the law courts do not believe it is possible.

“All over the globe good people started to meditate for five to six minutes, after the meditation it failed again, but we did take some damage. One person lost hearing in an ear for three weeks and others had ringing in ears because there was an attack by those psychically protecting it.”

Parkes believes mass meditation triggered a thunderstorm over Switzerland and with the help of mother nature, the LHC failed to run at full power.

“Gaia came to our rescue and a thunderstorm took out the power.

“With just a third of the power the LHC created a 0.8mm hole between the third and fourth frequency, but that was not enough to bring anything through.”

Although there is no hard and fast evidence to believe that the LHC has been used as a sort of party invite to aliens hellbent on the apocalypse, Parkes and his followers are adamant it went down that way.

Parkes is also claiming that because the aliens couldn’t enter via the portal created by the LHC, they have resorted to their Plan B, which involves chipping every human being on the planet in a bid to control, monitor, and punish humanity.

Parkes believes that Australia will be the first country to implement the program in January. The process will involve microchips almost invisible to the human eye being injected into hands, under the pretense of a routine inoculation against diseases, such as Ebola.

“From January 2016 in Australia, you will not be allowed unemployment benefits or old age pension unless you are vaccinated. This is how they are going to inject people and put a chip in their hand starting off in Australia. If you went on a demo and got picked up they can penalize you electronically.”

Parkes explained that the mass worldwide vaccination programs will be masterminded by the Illuminati leaders in the U.S. He also said the the microchips will leave those injected easily prone to being remote controlled and punished with “mind blasts.”

Monkey Injected With Microchip?

“For 25 years it has been know the psychopaths want to kill half to a third of the population. But now they may not need to kill so many because of this device which is RFID injectable.”

Parkes’ extreme claims have angered critics who suggest his views could easily sway impressionable people into refusing all vaccinations, and potentially put their long-term health at serious risk.

Mental health charities have also branded such views irresponsible and potentially damaging to people who suffer from delusional and paranoid mental health conditions.

“Delusions may take on different themes – if you experience paranoid delusions you may believe you are being chased, plotted against or poisoned. You may believe that a member of your family or someone close to you is making this happen. It is also common to believe that the government or aliens are responsible.”

[Lead photo by John Moore / Getty Images]