ABC’s ‘The Bachelor’ 2016 Spoilers: Ben Higgins’ Final Rose Prediction Via ‘Reality Steve’ Teases Clear Frontrunner

ABC’s The Bachelor 2016 season is nearing the end of filming, and Reality Steve’s spoilers are breaking down plenty of great scoop on Ben Higgins and this season’s ladies. Steve’s Bachelor spoilers just revealed the final four ladies who will head to hometowns, and now Steve is even dishing out details on who he hears is the frontrunner for Ben’s final rose. What’s the latest?

As Reality Steve’s spoilers indicate, Ben Higgins’ final four are said to be JoJo Fletcher, Lauren Bushnell, Caila Quinn, and Amanda Stanton. There is a bit of a shocker in this quartet, as there had been signs that Becca Tilley would snag a spot in the final four.

However, Reality Steve tweeted that Becca was cut at the rose ceremony in Warsaw, Indiana. A tweet from Becca around the time she would have left filming led many to believe she was indeed just eliminated. In addition, Steve’s Bachelor spoilers share that Emily Ferguson was sent home before the rose ceremony.

The Season 20 hometown dates likely will be filmed between October 28 and November 3, according to Steve’s Bachelor spoilers, then Ben will choose his final three bachelorettes. So far, Reality Steve’s spoilers haven’t pinned down where Ben and his three remaining bachelorettes will go for these fantasy overnight dates. After the last chance dates and likely a chance to meet Ben’s family, the final rose ceremony will take place.

Though fans will have to wait and see how things break down in these final dates, Reality Steve’s spoilers do share some insight into who may well be the frontrunner. Steve’s Bachelor spoilers tease that he hears that Higgins has been very into Lauren since about the middle point of the season’s filming.

Things could certainly change in these last few dates, and that has been known to happen in previous seasons, including how things seemingly shifted in Sean Lowe’s season. However, at this point, Bachelor spoilers from Reality Steve detail that Ben is so into Lauren that the other girls have picked up on it and aren’t terribly happy about it. This type of thing has certainly caused friction in previous seasons, like with Chris Soules and Britt Nilsson, though, of course, things imploded with Chris and Britt before the hometown dates arrived.

According to Steve, “It would be a MAJOR upset at this point if Ben doesn’t pick Lauren from everything I’m hearing.”

In addition, Reality Steve’s spoilers indicated early on that he saw JoJo as a likely Bachelorette 2016 season lead candidate, and he’s sticking with that. If JoJo is eliminated in the third spot, meaning after hometowns and during the fantasy overnight date episode, fans can definitely look toward her as the likely lead. However, that will not be nailed down until late February or early March in all likelihood.

Beyond that, Steve shares that he is guessing that Amanda will go home next, with Caila being the other bachelorette in the final two. However, things certainly could shift a bit on that front. No matter how the rest of filming plays out, Bachelor spoiler fans will question Reality Steve’s spoilers and find ways to pinpoint where they think he might be wrong. Will he have nailed these spoilers this season? It will take a while for fans to find out, but everybody is excited to see how Season 20 breaks down.

Ben’s’ search for love will wrap filming around the middle of November, and the new season premieres on January 4. Will Ben Higgins find love on ABC’s The Bachelor 2016 season this winter? Will Higgins’ final rose go to Lauren Bushnell as Reality Steve’s spoilers are predicting?

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