Niya Kenny, 2nd Spring Valley High Student Arrested: Ben Fields Known As ‘Officer Slam,’ Who Slammed Pregnant Women, Teenage Girls [Video]

Niya Kenny was not surprised when Ben Fields, a bodybuilder and brute man whom Kenny says was known as “Officer Slam” around Spring Valley High School, entered the classroom intent on slamming the unnamed girl to the classroom floor, as reported by MSNBC.

“He’s slammed pregnant women, teenage girls. He’s known for slamming.”

Niya warned the other kids in class to take out their cameras, because Kenny knew that Fields was about to assault another student.

Kenny was the second student arrested in the melee that has become known as the #SpringValleyHighAssault online. Niya is being called brave on social media for urging students to videotape the Fields assault that has shocked the world.

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Niya, an 18-year-old Spring Valley student, reports KITV News, is a classmate of the girl in the viral video, and Kenny was arrested, as well, for the similar charge of “disturbing” the classroom. Niya is being hailed as one brave enough to stand up to Fields and take out her phone to create video of the incident. Kenny spoke with Don Lemon of CNN about the classroom assault, a man who is facing his own backlash for Lemon saying that — as a journalist — he needed to hear all the facts in the case prior to making a judgment over whether Fields used unnecessary force or not in the incident.

The teen, whom Niya defended, was hurt by Ben “Officer Slam” Fields, reports the Associated Press. Todd Rutherford, a lawyer for the unnamed teen, said Fields should’ve been fired straightaway as soon as Kenny’s video went viral.

“She now has a cast on her arm, she has neck and back injuries. She has a Band-Aid on her forehead where she suffered rug burn on her forehead.”

Videos taken by Niya and other students showed Fields flipping Kenny’s classmate over in her chair, a move that could’ve seriously injured — or even killed — the teen.

Niya reports that Kenny was in math class when the melee happened. Niya says she was praying out loud — screaming and crying, reports WLTX. Kenny says that Officer Fields was 300 pounds of muscle, and that the little girl he slammed was only approximately 5-feet 6-inches tall. Niya says that she’s never seen a man assault a young woman like that, and Kenny was afraid. That’s when Niya caught the attention of Fields, when Kenny says Officer Ben asked Niya if she, too, “wanted some of this,” and Kenny said no and put her hands behind her back. As a result, Niya was also arrested, with Kenny later being released on a $1,000 bond. Kenny can be seen in the below video with her mother, a woman who says Officer Fields was really the one disturbing the classroom.

Niya said that the incident was so upsetting to her that Kenny began to sob.

“I was crying, screaming and crying like a baby. I was in disbelief.”

Kenny only provided her video to WLTX-TV, with Niya likely afraid to give the video to school officials, because Kenny may have believed that the video Niya shot would’ve disappeared otherwise. As such, Kenny’s video went viral once it hit the press.

Apparently, the melee Niya captured by video began when Kenny’s classmate refused to give up her cellphone after texting in math class, reports the Associated Press.

On Twitter, Niya is being praised for her actions of standing up for the assaulted girl.

[Image via SpudInc / YouTube]