Edinson Volquez Pitched In World Series Not Knowing His Dad Died Before Game Started

Lawrence Arboleda

Edinson Volquez just played the biggest game of his career -- his first World Series start -- totally unaware that his father had just died, according to NBC News.

While the news of his father's death circulated earlier today across several news media channels, initial reports said that Edinson Volquez only learned of his father's passing on his way to the stadium. Apparently, that isn't true, as confirmed by Royals manager Ned Yost. At the press conference after the game, Yost said that they already knew about it but decided to withhold the information from Edinson at least until the game was concluded.

According to the New York Times, Edinson's wife, Roandy Volquez, told Royals General Manager Dayton Moore the news and asked him not to say anything to her husband until the game was finished. Knowing that Edinson was about to play the biggest game of his career, Roandy decided to withhold the information from her husband so as not to spoil his big moment.

"We found out about it before the game and the wishes of the family was, you know, let Eddie (Edinson Volquez) pitch," Yost explained after a 14-inning marathon. "After the game is when he found out."

"It was very hard for me. There is no road map, but you do what the family asks you to do, and it was real special to them that Eddy goes out and pitches this game."

The Associated Press broke the news that Edinson's father, Daniel Volquez, died of a heart disease in the Dominican Republic before Game 1 started. He was 63.

Ken Rosenthal, a reporter for Fox News, revealed that Fox News decided not report what happened during the live broadcast for fear that Edinson Volquez might learn the news by the time he visits the clubhouse, as is often his routine.

"You know how tough that can be. It's a very, very tough thing, especially right before you're about to go out and pitch — it'd be almost impossible to do that in Game 1 of the World Series."

"I mean, it's his first start in a World Series game, and his dad isn't watching," Yost said based on a report by MLB.com. "It was hard for me to know what I knew, and to see him compete the way that he competed. It's just hard."

Edinson Volquez pitched six innings, allowing only three runs and six hits during that entire stretch. Having pitched extremely well, Volquez helped the Royals win the game with a final score of 5-4. It was a tight game that needed 14 innings to be concluded.

According to Yost, he wondered whether he should tell Edinson Volquez the news when the starter pitcher left the mound after the sixth inning. Yost thought about calling his wife but decided that it was not his place. He learned eventually that Mrs. Volquez was waiting for her husband along with Moore. Moore guided them into Yost's office so that they could have some time alone. Most of the players in the Royals roster were also unaware of Edinson Volquez's father passing during the game.

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