WWE News: Ronda Rousey Wants To Be WWE Divas Champion, Triple H And Charlotte Respond

Current UFC women’s bantamweight champion Ronda Rousey burst onto the mixed martial arts scene back in March of 2011, and in the subsequent four years, she’s become one of the most popular, and polarizing, figures in the sports world.

Rousey has destroyed everyone that has been put in front of her, and, on November 15, she’ll be looking to do the same to Holly Holm, who was brought into the UFC nearly a year ago, with the idea being that she’d eventually fight Rousey for the title.

There are many who feel that the UFC is putting Holm in the octagon with Rousey far too early, but the UFC feels that Holm is really the only opponent that makes sense for Rousey at the moment, as Rousey has nearly cleaned out the entire UFC women’s bantamweight division.

Many are hoping that, if Rousey defeats Holm next month, the UFC women’s bantamweight champ will defend her title against Cris “Cyborg” at UFC 200 in July. But, if that fight happens, and if Rousey wins, she may end up walking away from mixed martial arts, as she’ll have defeated everyone there is to defeat in her division.

Rousey does have goals outside of fighting, and one of them is to become the WWE Divas Champion someday.

Rousey WWE
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While promoting her upcoming bout with Holly Holm, Ronda Rousey mentioned that, after she walks away from MMA, she wants to become a boxing world champion, a jiu-jitsu world champion, and that she wants to win the WWE Divas Championship.

“What I would love to do, I got an Olympic medal, I would want to retire from MMA as one of the greatest of all time, I would love to have the chance to be the boxing world champion, and I would love to have the chance to be a jiu-jitsu world champion. I’d love to have the chance to be the WWE Divas world champion and just be the best of everything at one point.”

Rousey, who is a lifelong WWE fan, has been interested in stepping into the ring for quite some time, and it’s no secret that WWE would love to have her join the company, as they’ve been trying to work out a deal where she can come in and wrestle a match against Stephanie McMahon at some point in the near future, possibly at WrestleMania 32 next spring.

Rousey at WrestleMania
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After Rousey’s quote about wanting to become the WWE Divas Champion got out, WWE’s Chief Operating Officer and Head of Talent Relations Triple H responded, saying that the UFC champ could come down to the WWE performance center any time she wants.


Triple H wasn’t the only person in WWE who responded to Rousey, as Charlotte, who is the current WWE Divas Champion, and the daughter of WWE Hall of Fame “Nature Boy” Ric Flair, reached out to the UFC champ, telling her that she can “come get it any time.”


There is a small chance that Rousey may be able to appear at WrestleMania 32; however, it’s unlikely that she’ll be wrestling on the show, as UFC president Dana White has been opposed to the idea of Rousey wrestling while she’s still under contract to the UFC.

Of course, Rousey is interested in wrestling, and many believe that her angle with Stephanie McMahon at this past year’s WrestleMania was to setup a match between the two at next year’s WrestleMania. But that remains to be seen, as we’re roughly six months away from WWE’s biggest event of the year.

[Image via Frazer Harrison / Getty Images]