Shawn Booth Shares Relationship Update, Talks Wedding Date With Kaitlyn Bristowe

Shawn Booth and Kailtyn Bristowe found love on The Bachelorette, but fans have wondered how these two are really doing considering that they haven’t set a wedding date yet. Since the show ended, Shawn and Kaitlyn have constantly been posting photos of each other on their social networks. E! News actually caught up with Shawn Booth this week and was able to get an update on how the couple is doing and even when they plan to set a wedding date. It looks like Shawn and Kaitlyn are doing just fine and they have big plans to set a wedding date after the new year.

Shawn Booth actually teamed up with Nick Viall to make a Movember team and help raise awareness for men’s health. This is when E! News was able to catch up with Shawn and get all the details about his relationship with Kaitlyn and how things are going now.

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Booth shared that since the show ended, they have only spent about four hours apart. Shawn and Kaitlyn have been together every single day and they are loving it. He even went on to open up about how he feels about Kaitlyn.

“It’s real, it’s genuine, and every day we learn more about each other. She’s an amazing person and she’s 100% wife material.”

Right now Kaitlyn Bristowe and Shawn Booth are traveling and just all over the place. This is the reason for not getting a wedding date set just yet. The two have seemed to be doing great and the fact that a date isn’t set shouldn’t be something that makes people concerned from what Booth has to say. Shawn did admit that it was hard when they had to spend 10 weeks without the world knowing that they were together. Shawn and Kaitlyn did get to see each other, but it had to be in hiding.

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People shared today that Shawn Booth and Kaitlyn Bristowe are officially living together. There has been some speculation for a bit that this was going on, but Shawn has finally confirmed the news. Shawn shared that Kaitlyn has been living with him in his home in Nashville for a couple of weeks now. Shawn did say that Kaitlyn has looked at wedding dresses and they have bounced a few ideas of each other. He went on to explain some of the advice they have received from other couples on the show.

“They just let us know not to get caught up in anything. It’s a crazy show and a crazy world, so just try to do normal things and don’t worry about what everybody is saying. There’s always going to be naysayers and there’s always going to be gossip; try to stay focused on your relationship.”

When asked about his advice for Ben Higgins now that he is on The Bachelor, Shawn Booth did have a couple of things to share.

“Hopefully the girl he ends up with is not in a different country, so you don’t have to worry about your phone bill. The first time we got a phone bill after we were on the show, we each had $2,000 phone bills. He’s an amazing guy. I can’t wait to see who he ends up with. I know it’s getting pretty close to the end, so it’s pretty exciting.”

Don’t miss Ben Higgins as The Bachelor when it starts airing in January of 2016. Viewers can’t wait to see who he picks in the end. Hopefully Shawn Booth and Kaitlyn Bristowe will be sharing their wedding date around the same time. You never know if they will end up getting married on television, but ABC hasn’t done that recently so don’t expect a big television wedding from Shawn and Kaitlyn.

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