Adele Beats Taylor Swift’s Records, Shares Her Favorite Swift Song

Just because Adele has broken some of Taylor Swift’s records doesn’t mean she’s in competition with the country-turned-pop singer.

Adele’s debut video for her new single “Hello” has already broken Taylor Swift’s record for having the most views on Vevo within a 24-hour span. The video received over 27.7 million views the first day it was released. It beat out Swift’s record of 20.1 million views for her “Bad Blood” music video, which included a star-studded cast and is rumored to be about arch enemy Katy Perry.

The British singer came out of hiding to announce her new song and album last week. Adele created an Instagram page and teased clips of “Hello” during a commercial break for The X Factor UK. Adele then released the new video on Friday, Oct. 23, along with details and a full tracklist of the upcoming 25 album, which she has called a “make-up album.”

Adele may also beat out Taylor Swift’s other records. She may beat the pop star’s other Vevo record, for having 1.2 billion views for the “Blank Space” video. However, “Hello” has already racked up over 82 million views and counting.

Adele’s single may also beat out some of Swift’s sales records. “Hello” has already sold 165,000 copies in its first three days, along with 156,000 downloads in the U.K. and 450,000 downloads in the U.S. within the first 48 hours. There’s no doubt that Adele’s third studio album will beat out the sales for Taylor Swift’s 1989 album, which was one of the best-selling albums of 2015. But it looks like the blue-eyed soulful singer’s 25 could become the best-selling album of 2015.

Back in 2011, Adele’s popular 21 album sold 11.2 million copies, according to Nielsen Music. Taylor Swift is the only comparable artist, who sold 5.4 million copies of her 1989 album. Adele still has her music accessible to fans on Spotify. Swift, on the other, pulled her music catalog from free streaming sites like Spotify, claiming they don’t pay artists enough.

Does that mean Adele will follow Taylor’s lead in pulling her music off of Spotify and similar sites? Bilboard’s co-director Keith Caulfield doesn’t think so because he believes that Adele is in a league of her own.

“Adele, like a Taylor Swift, is different from everyone else. She’s in her own orbit, basically. She’s a superstar. Her last album sold 11 million albums in America, which is nuts.”

Adele, 27, and Taylor Swift, 25, may be around the same age, but they cater to completely different fan bases. Adele appeals to mostly everyone, including the older generation, while Swift caters mostly to teens and kids, according to Rolling Stone‘s contributing editor Anthony DeCurtis.

“A lot of her following is older than Taylor Swift’s, and they are people who will buy a CD or download a record.”

Just because Adele and Taylor Swift have different musical tastes and different fan bases doesn’t mean they don’t support each other’s work. The British beauty graced the recent cover of i-D Magazine, in which she revealed her favorite Swift song. Adele recalled the time when she heard Swift’s hit song “I Knew You Were Trouble” while lunching with OneRepublic’s frontman Ryan Tedder. “I was like, ‘I love this song, who did this?”

Taylor Swift Brit Awards 2013
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Adele then discovered that producer Max Martin was behind the catchy song. He even helped Taylor create more hit songs off her 1989 album such as “Shake It Off” and “Blank Space.” Adele hinted to Vice‘s i-D that she collaborated with Martin on her new song “Send My Love To Your New Lover,” which she appeared to be excited about in her interview.

“I love it, it’s f***ing sick. Straight away, a million people in my life will be like, ‘Oh s**t, what have I done…”

Adele also revealed that she’s a huge fan of the legendary Ms. Britney Spears. “I’d like to see Britney in Vegas.”

What are your thoughts on Adele breaking one of Taylor Swift’s Vevo records? Do you think she will also outsell Swift’s 1989 album? Share your thoughts below in the comments section.

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