Greg Hardy Contract Extension Coming Despite Causing Problems For Dallas Cowboys

A Greg Hardy contract extension was supposed to have been held off until the end of the current NFL season, especially since he has been causing problems on and off the field, but the Dallas Cowboys are actually going to get a deal done pretty soon. Jerry Jones wants to sign Hardy to a new contract as soon as possible.

Jerry Jones likes what he has seen thus far. A Greg Hardy contract extension makes sense to Jones because he feels that the defensive end has provided a good amount of pass rushing to the Dallas Cowboys defense. With corner back Orlando Scandrick out for the season, Jones knows that the Cowboys need a pass rush to protect their secondary.

The Dallas Cowboys are currently sitting on a 2-4 record. Those four losses came consecutively after star quarterback Tony Romo and star wide receiver Dez Bryant went down with injuries. Jerry Jones does not want to waste a season, so he is hoping that Greg Hardy and the Cowboys defense can maintain things until Romo and Bryant return to save the offense.

Jerry Jones

While the desire to win at all cost can be an admirable trait, some in the NFL feel that Jerry Jones cares too much about winning. The Dallas Cowboys have taken chances plenty of times with players with low character if they were talented enough to play well in the NFL. Cowboys rookie Randy Gregory is one of the more recent examples of that.

Greg Hardy has shown plenty of low character during his short stint with the Dallas Cowboys. To most people, his actions thus far do not merit a contract extension for Greg Hardy. Some in the media and the NFL would actually prefer to see Hardy be hit with a suspension from the Cowboys.

Dez Bryant and Jason Garrett

Jerry Jones has been bitten by gambles before. The Dallas Cowboys owner kept Jay Ratliff around because he solidified the defensive line. Not a lot of guys in the NFL were as good as Ratliff at the time. Ratliff had a violent temper. Jones knew that but kept him on the Cowboys defense. Ratliff and Jones parted ways after an angry confrontation in the locker room.

The Dallas Cowboys are going to get plenty of more sacks from Greg Hardy. He wants his bonus. Hardy wants his contract extension. Jerry Jones is going to give him that. However, deep down, Jones knows that Hardy might never finish that next contract because of his behavior.

Jerry Jones is willing to cause potential problems in the locker room for the Dallas Cowboys. He wants to win now. Jones needs to see his Cowboys back in the Super Bowl. If it means signing a deal with the devil, then Jones is going to do that.

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