Anthony Mackie Slams ‘Man Of Steel’, Fans Retaliate With Tweets

Actor Anthony Mackie apparently does not think very highly about Man of Steel– or any reviewer that does!

During a promotional interview with Collider, the Our Brand is Crisis actor essentially poked fun at the 2013 Zack Snyder-directed film as well as the interviewer after he admitted that he loved the movie.

Anthony Mackie
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From the very first comic-related question, it became very clear which side of the DC vs Marvel debate Anthony Mackie preferred. The way hat he answered, though, also showed how Mackie would use sarcasm and subtle jabs against the interviewer – especially when considering the interviewer’s honest opinions.

Frosty: “I already know the answer to this, but DC or Marvel?”

Anthony Mackie: “What was the last good DC movie that you saw?”

Frosty: (hesitates) “Uh…”

Anthony: “Exactly! Marvel.”

As if that was not bad enough, Mackie took the figurative gloves off as soon as Frosty answered Anthony’s question by naming Man of Steel. Mackie laughed and said, “You’re bananas!” twice.

The 37-year-old Avengers: Age of Ultron actor even advised Frosty to e-mail everyone that he knows and ask them what they thought about the movie.

Frosty responded by admitting that a lot of people did not like the film. However, he then highlighted what he loved most about it – Hans Zimmer’s score and the movie’s first 20 minutes – before mentioning that he could watch Man of Steel on loop because he loves it so much.

Anthony Mackie Man of Steel
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Anthony Mackie did not hesitate to let Frosty have it – taking the conversation to a point where he even poked fun at the interviewer himself.

“There’s another 3 hours of the movie after that [first 20 minutes]… So, you’re saying it should have been a short?.. Wow! That scares me that you are reviewing movies.”

When Frosty let Mackie know that he was no longer reviewing movies, Anthony laughed and said, “We’re saved! We’re saved!” At that point, Frosty could not say anything positive about the highly-anticipated film, Captain America: Civil War without Mackie slamming his opinion.

“No-no-no don’t say it’s good. Because that means if you say it’s good, its awful. You have awful taste!”

Once the video footage of this interview was released online, it did not take very long for many people to attack Anthony Mackie on Twitter.

Anthony Mackie feels passionately about Marvel over DC primarily because he is a featured character in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Mackie has played Sam Wilson (also known as “Falcon”) in several Marvel movies – including Captain America: The Winter Soldier, Avengers: Age of Ultron, Ant-Man as well as the highly-anticipated 2016 film Captain America: Civil War.

DC movies are apparently not the only films that stimulate Mackie to express his strong opinions in public.

According to The Grio, Anthony Mackie made headlines by saying that the Black Panther film starring Chadwick Boseman in the title role does not necessarily need to have a black director. In Mackie’s opinion, the race of a director has nothing to do with his or her ability to tell a story “and do it justice.”

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