Jessa Duggar Seewald Is On Baby Countdown, Due Date Almost Here

Jessa Duggar Seewald and her husband Ben are now on baby countdown and will be having their baby any day. People shared that Jessa is now revealing that she is less than a week from her due date. Jessa is actually due to have her little bundle of joy on November 1. The couple knows the sex of the baby, but they have yet to share it with their fans. Jessa’s due date also happens to be the same day as their one-year wedding anniversary. It looks like this baby will be here within the next week or two at the most.

Any speculation that Jessa is already in labor went away yesterday when she shared this sweet picture to Instagram. The baby is obviously not here yet and Jessa Duggar is glowing in her last month of pregnancy. This photo was from Monday, which was exactly seven days from her due date. There have not been any updates at all from Jessa since then. If she has gone into labor, then it just happened and they are keeping it quiet for now. At this point, the baby is big enough that the baby being born now would not be a big deal. Ben has not shared anything on his page in a few days.

Jessa and Ben Seewald have done a great job of keeping their fans up to date on what is going on with the baby. The entire birth will be documented by TLC for the upcoming special about Jill and Jessa so viewers will get to see it all happen. Hopefully, as soon as the baby is born, Jessa will be posting on social networks with all of the details.

Jessa Seewald recently had her baby shower, which was a coed event and was actually filmed for the Duggars’ upcoming special as well. The fans are excited to hear that this was caught on camera and that they will get to see the big event.

US Magazine shared a few details about the big baby shower for Jessa and Ben Seewald, which included pumpkin and pecan pies, hot dogs cooked over a large fire pit, and also a pumpkin-themed dessert bar. A source at the event shared the details.

“They had a contest for the ladies in which they had to close their eyes and race to change a diaper on a baby doll. The final competition was one that Ben came up with. He and three of his friends had a contest to see who could make the best baby food!”

At the end of the baby shower, everyone gathered up around Ben and Jessa Seewald praying around them. The couple seems very excited and ready for their little bundle of joy to get here. Jessa and Ben have shared that they want to have their own children, but also plan to adopt in the future.

Everything is about to change for Jessa and Ben Seewald. Of course, Jessa has some experience taking care of children with 18 brothers and sisters at home. Ben also comes from a big family. Jessa’s fans are just hoping for a healthy and happy baby. They want all of the details as soon as Jessa has her little one.

Don’t miss the upcoming TLC specials about Jill Dillard and Jessa Seewald. These will be airing in December, but they have not shared an exact date yet. So far they have approved three specials for the Duggar family since 19 Kids and Counting was canceled. Are you surprised to see that the Duggar family is coming back to television once again on TLC? Sound off in the comments section below and share what you think that Jessa and Ben are going to have when their baby gets here.

[Image Via Instagram]