Meet ‘Trippy’ Fallon, The New ‘Tonight Show’ Host [Video]

Those who watched the Tonight Show Monday night met ‘Trippy’ Fallon, the new host of The Tonight Show. Really, it was just Jimmy Fallon, but he showed up wearing a yellow safety helmet and goggles. He stepped onto the stage amidst applause and laughter, saying, “Welcome to ‘The Tonight Show.’ I’m your host Trippy Fallon.”


He then raised his right hand in a peace sign to show off his bandages on his middle and index fingers. The bandage has finally been removed from his left ring finger after recovering from a nasty ring avulsion accident, but another fall brought two new injuries to his other hand.

“Keep clapping, you showoffs,” he joked to the crowd.

In preparation for his Monday night show, Jimmy posted a photo of his new injury with the caption “Nothing a few bandaids couldn’t fix. So his new hand injury wasn’t too unexpected for most of his followers.

When all the clapping had died down, he removed his hat and goggles and explained a little about what happened over the weekend.

“I’ve had another mishap. This time I injured my other hand right after getting an award from Harvard. That’s right – even when I get into Harvard, I still embarrass my parents.”

He explained that he was on Harvard campus while accepting an award for the Harvard Lampoon, the country’s longest published humor magazine. Fallon was presented with the Elmer Award for Excellence in Humor. It’s a highly prestigious prize, and not one you want to show up for with a bleeding hand, as Jimmy did.

His second injury of the year began with a bottle of Jagermeister. He wanted to get it as a thank you to the Harvard band that was putting on a volunteer light show performance in Jimmy’s honor. After he had purchased the bottle, apparently a girl had knelt down in front of him, but he didn’t see her, leading him to trip over her form.

“So I threw the bottle and landed on broken glass. There’s pools of blood everywhere,” he said, going on to say that he spoke to an EMT who recommended he go to the emergency room. “I’m so used to going to hospitals,” he laughed.

As another part of his comedic act, Jimmy asks the cameraman to zoom in closer so that they can see his Sesame Street band-aids. “These are the only bandaids we have in the house,” he says. “We don’t have adult bandaids anymore, we just have them for babies.”

Watch him act out the incident here.

He was lucky he didn’t need anything more than a couple of band-aids. The latest Trippy Fallon injury turned out to be less serious than the last one. With his ring avulsion, Fallon spent 10 days in the ICU and three months in recovery. His finger doesn’t have a bandage anymore, but it’s still something he has to be careful with. He doesn’t wear his ring and is often seen with a bandage or brace on his hand to this day.

As a refresher, Jimmy tripped over a rug back in July and caught his ring on the corner of a table. The ring ripped off some of the skin and distorted the muscle around the bone. He originally thought that he had broken his finger, but then learned it was a rare, but serious injury called ring avulsion, and he could have lost his finger without the help of some dedicated and knowledgeable doctors.

Two trips to the emergency room are probably enough for anyone, let alone one of the top comedians in America. He should ditch the hard hat and safety goggles for padded gloves to protect his hands. Hopefully, this is the last we see of “Trippy Fallon” on the Tonight Show.

[Image via Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images]