Lamar Odom: Possible Felony Charges And Failing Organs

Lamar Odom is far from out of the woods, TMZ is reporting. The ex-Laker is suffering from more than just medical issues; Odom is also facing an uncertain legal future. On October 13, the ex-professional athlete and estranged husband of reality TV starlet Khloe Kardashian was found unconscious and unresponsive in a legal Nevada brothel. When brothel employees contacted emergency personnel, the reported to dispatch that Lamar Odom had been involved in a 4-day binge at the facility, relying on unregulated "herbal Viagra." It later came to light that Odom had most likely also been using cocaine.

 NBA player Lamar Odom
[Photo by Jemal Countess/Getty Images]Local police obtained a search warrant in order to take blood samples from Odom, and now TMZ has reported the results of those tests are headed from the police department to the District Attorney on Tuesday. The Nye County Sheriff's Department is reportedly recommending felony charges be filed against Lamar Odom in relation to those test results, and those felony charges would be related to the use of cocaine.
"In Nevada, the felony charge is punishable by up to 4 years in prison. But usually not for first time offenders."
The news isn't great for Lamar Odom, who is struggling to recover from his reported overdose. On October 21, reports that Odom might be suffering from extensive kidney damage surfaced. Us Weekly is now expanding on those reports, indicating that Lamar will definitely need a kidney transplant at some point in the future. Odom is currently reported to be much too weak to undergo such an invasive procedure. Due to his weakness in these early stages of his recovery, Lamar Odom has been undergoing dialysis.

While Odom still has a long road ahead of him as far as potentially getting back to some semblance of his former self, he is doing much better now than many believed he ever would when he was initially admitted to the hospital in Nevada. This is something that may give Lamar Odom's loved ones some hope during the difficult rehabilitation period ahead. In addition to Odom's failing kidneys, his lungs have also reportedly suffered significant damage. Reports have also permeated the media that the former NBA star is suffering from brain damage. The extent to which his brain was damaged and how such damage may impact his recovery is still largely up in the air.

"He can say a few words. He's doing a tiny bit better, but he has a very long road back to full recovery — if that."
It's believed that the majority of the brain damage Odom suffered was due to numerous reported strokes. It's unknown at this point whether or not Lamar Odom has a chance at a full recovery. However, these medical issues become fairly moot when it comes to potential criminal charges.

Press Sets Up For Odom Update
[Photo by Gabe Ginsberg/Getty Images]If Lamar Odom does end up facing drug charges in the wake of his ordeal, it appears as though he'll have the support of his famous family. His estranged wife, Khloe, has reportedly halted their nearly-final divorce proceedings. The rest of his famous in-laws have spent considerable time at his bedside, and showing their solidarity and support of Odom through social media and other avenues.

With jail time being unlikely, regardless of the charges, and the finances to afford top-notch legal counsel, felony drug charges are most likely going to be the least of Lamar Odom's worries in the foreseeable future. With brain damage appearing highly likely, it's also possible that authorities will put legal proceedings on the back burner during the early stages of Lamar Odom's rehabilitation.

Lamar has had the support and prayers of not just friends and family but also his friends, as he's struggled to first survive and now to recover over the last few weeks. Only time will tell if Lamar Odom will retain the same level of devotion throughout any legal battles he may be facing as a result of his "overdose."

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