Jim Edmonds Bashes Vicki Gunvalson On Twitter, But Is Meghan King Edmonds Really Behind The Tweets?

On Part 2 of The Real Housewives of Orange County Season 10 reunion show, which aired on Monday night, Meghan King Edmonds’ husband, Jim Edmonds, joined the ladies on the couch. On the reunion show, Jim maintained that he does not like getting involved in the women’s drama and wants nothing to do with it. So when Jim posted tweets that bashed Meghan’s enemy, Vicki Gunvalson, prior to and during the episode airing, a lot of viewers questioned whether it was really Meghan who wrote the tweets.

Prior to the episode airing, Jim asked people whether they’re ready to see the person who has been lying and fabricating stories all year exposed. Jim added that he can’t wait to see the OG squirm, an obvious reference to Vicki, the self-proclaimed “OG of the OC.” Jim even added an emoticon to his tweet.


People were quick to tell Jim that he shouldn’t engage in such behavior. One person told Jim that he shouldn’t gloat, because no one leaves the Real Housewives without being embarrassed and that his and Meghan’s time will come eventually. Jim replied that he’s not gloating and that he’s already been embarrassed.


Others thought it was sad that Jim is now behaving in such a way. One person commented that Jim, a current baseball broadcaster and former professional baseball player whose name will be on the Baseball Hall of Fame ballot in 2016, has now been reduced to reality TV quotes. The person added that Jim is letting Meghan cheapen his brand and family.


Another person wrote that Jim must need money now since he’s stirring up the drama in a bid for him and Meghan to stay on Real Housewives for another season. Yet another person wrote that Jim’s tweet shows that when you’re too old for baseball, you spend your time engaged in garbage.

Many people also questioned whether it was really Jim Edmonds who posted the tweet. They commented that it sounds much more like something Meghan King Edmonds, who has bashed Vicki Gunvalson on Twitter all season long, would post. Some viewers pointed out that men don’t use emoticons.

That wasn’t the only tweet Jim supposedly sent that night. As the episode aired, he accused Vicki of making things up. He pointed out that Vicki has only met him three times, so for her to say that he treats his wife badly is ridiculous. The tweet was directed to Vicki’s Twitter account to make sure that she saw it.


The tweet again received a lot of comments that it’s probably Meghan who posted it.

When one person asked Jim why he’s tweeting and to leave the Real Housewives drama to the women, Jim responded that it involves his real life. He indicated that the drama from the show isn’t just made up for ratings.


Another person questioned why Meghan is away from Jim so much if he really loves her. The person asked Jim, who spends much of his time in the Midwest, if he had Meghan stay in Orange County to keep her and the show’s filming away from him. Jim said that Meghan is never away from him for more than a week.


On Part 2 of The Real Housewives of Orange County Season 10 reunion show, Jim said that he doesn’t want to be part of the drama.

“I’ve been in the locker rooms with guys for 20 years. Never seen anyone fight, argue, complain… I was trying to explain to her one day, I don’t want to be in the middle of this if there’s drama… It’s not appropriate for anyone to bicker just to bicker.”


Vicki Gunvalson did apologize for making her statement that Jim and Meghan King Edmonds’ marriage won’t last five years. She also admitted, after Jim denied telling Brooks Ayers that two months out of his then four months marriage was “challenging,” that she misspoke. Vicki clarified that Brooks told her only that Jim said that he and Meghan “had a couple of situations.” When Meghan refused to accept Vicki’s apology and accused her of outright lying, Vicki said she didn’t lie on purpose.

“I didn’t lie on purpose. I thought Brooks said two months. Two months, two weeks, two times, it was just misspoken.”

Jim Edmonds’ response to that?

“If she’s just gonna pop off to pop off, then let her.”

[Photo by Jamie Squire / Getty Images]