Kailyn Lowry Victim Of Fake Advertisement: Diet Product Claims ‘Completely Fake’

Kailyn Lowry knows that there is a downside from being in the public eye. Lowry has filmed 16 & Pregnant and Teen Mom for years, and she has been judged on just about everything. Lowry has given birth, been married, and moved while filming the show, and she has really found a great rhythm for herself. Lowry managed to shed the baby weight after giving birth to Lincoln, but people are curious as to how she shed her weight.

Of course, Kailyn Lowry has actively been working out, going to CrossFit and drinking her Fit Tea as shown on Instagram. Kailyn hasn’t taken the untraditional route of popping diet pills or relying on detoxes. She faced the challenge head-on and truly worked hard to shed the weight. But it sounds like some people are confused. Why? Lowry’s name has been used on various weight loss pills, and Kailyn is now revealing the truth.

According to a new tweet, Kailyn Lowry is now denying that she ever took any weight loss pills that helped her lose weight quickly. A new advertisement surfaced that hinted Lowry had lost 31 pounds in a mere month. That’s one pound per day, which is completely unrealistic and probably very unhealthy.

“Is this sh*t real?” one follower asked Kailyn, linking to an article about Lowry’s weight loss, and Kailyn replied, “completely fake and photoshopped.”

“It’s crazy how much they can lie! Seriously you must go crazy with what’s real and what’s not!” the follower replied.

In the article from Women’s Mag that the follower links to, Kailyn is quoted as saying that she actually uses the product. The website even reveals that Lowry used the Pure Garcinia Cambogia and Pure Green Coffee Bean Plus together to lose 31. 5 pounds throughout September and October. However, Lowry denied using these products together and losing the weight in such a short time.

“Kailyn explains that her weight has ben something that bothered her for years. She’s tried low carb/calorie diets, extreme exercise regiments, and damn near starved herself, but the weight would always come back as quick as she got rid of it,” reads the report, which also has this direct quote from Kailyn Lowry, “Being a mom is hectic, you absolutely have no time for yourself. Upkeep was strenuous, especially finding time to go to the gym. I’m so thankful for Pure Garcinia Cambogia, this combo has really changed my life. Best of all, it’s given me the boost of energy I need to be the best mom I can be.”

Anyone who follows Kailyn on Instagram knows that she works out frequently. She recently did a Mud Run and gladly shared pictures from the event. Kailyn wants to live a healthy and happy lifestyle, not take unhealthy supplements and spread false stories about her weight loss. It is scary to think that a website would fake her weight loss to sell more products, but Kailyn is doing the right thing by shutting down these rumors.

Sadly, the website has also quoted Jenelle Evans in the article. She recently gave birth to Kaiser, and she has also worked out to get her tummy back in shape. The article has tweets from Jenelle that encourages both her followers and Kailyn Lowry to use this product to lose the weight. The tweets are not embedded and are only on the site as screenshots. After a quick search on Twitter, these tweets cannot be found. It is admirable that Lowry is setting the record straight, so her younger fans don’t think she is using products to lose the weight.

What do you think of Kailyn Lowry denying using these products?

[Image via Instagram]