Caroline Stanbury On Closing Gift Library: ‘I Just Found It Impossible To Go Back’

Caroline Stanbury proudly shared her business, Gift Library, on the first season of Ladies Of London. Stanbury proudly ran her business, had an awesome office, and even had people working for her. But when the second season of Ladies Of London rolled around, Stanbury was carrying around lots of stress.

When the cameras started filming Ladies Of London,Caroline Stanbury was running out of money. Caroline only had enough to keep her afloat for the rest of the year. If she didn’t get more money from her investors, she would have to close the company. While the meeting with the investors was not filmed for the show, Stanbury did reveal that she did not get the funding. On this week’s episode, fans watched as she had to close her business.

According to a new Bravo report, Caroline Stanbury is now revealing that it was heartbreaking for her to close her business, Gift Library. When fans first joined her for Season 2, Caroline hinted that she was facing some financial troubles, but she had no idea that she had to close the business completely.

“Closing Gift Library was a total shock and I just found it impossible to go back. I haven’t been back since and seen it. It’s very hard and still is. And yes I hate hugs!” Caroline reveals, sharing that she hasn’t been back to the office since closing it.

Many people gushed about her office, which had been designed by her sister-in-law, Sophie Stanbury. The office was bright, simple, and fun. And if Caroline Stanbury needs another office decorated, she knows where to get her design help. While Stanbury’s business issues was a big part of her storyline this season, she also had to deal with the other ladies. The women decided to take a trip and, of course, Annabelle Neilson’s behavior had Stanbury confused.

“When Annabelle arrived late I thought it was her way of making her presence known — leaving us to wonder if she was coming or not, and we were all left to wait and worry,” Caroline explains, adding, “I am not a huge group trip person so I was apprehensive and not really in the head space to deal with drama.”

Of course, drama is probably the last thing she wants to deal with. Caroline knew that she had just fired her entire team and would be closing the business. Maybe she felt like a failure, but she wasn’t exactly in the mood for drama. But during a conversation with the other ladies, Annabelle decided to let everyone know how she felt about them. And Caroline Stanbury is now sharing her thoughts about this unprovoked confrontation.

“Annabelle likes to tell us all what’s wrong with us and how we should behave but apparently we aren’t allowed the same luxury… I was a little surprised she took our happy dinner to such a negative space but again I rather know how someone feels than not,” Stanbury explains of the conversation, hinting that she was shocked by the talk.

Luckily for Caroline Stanbury, she isn’t exactly rattled when people speak their mind. As she points out herself, she would prefer knowing how people feel about her instead of being left in the dark. And luckily for Caroline, she isn’t a major storyline this season when it comes to drama. Maybe her open-minded personality has resulted in her not being a major point of drama this season.

What do you think of Caroline Stanbury’s way of running her business? Are you shocked that she had to close her business, given she had tried to save her business with her investors?

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