Ben Fields Video Buzz: Fields, ‘Get Her Black A** — I’m Glad Johnny Cochran Is Dead’ — More Videos, Photos Of Deputy Ben Emerge [Videos]

The video of Ben Fields assaulting a student at Spring Valley High School has reverberated around the nation, and is causing plenty of fallout one day after the incident occurred on Monday, October 26. Be warned, the video of Deputy Ben slamming an unnamed female student to the ground is disturbing. On Tuesday, October 27, the consequences of the actions in the violent Fields video are being felt.

As reported by the New York Daily News, Deputy Ben has faced charges of rough treatment prior to the South Carolina officer becoming famous for the video of Fields slamming and dragging the student to the classroom floor. An Army veteran named Carlos Martin saw the video of Ben and reported it sent chills down his spine. That’s because Martin, 36, had an experience with Fields in 2005 that wasn’t caught on video with Ben, at least not in the viral way that the Fields video has taken off online in 2015.

In that incident, Deputy Ben was still a rookie cop, and Martin claims that Fields used unnecessary force to arrest him. Although no video of Deputy Ben during that arrest incident yet fills YouTube the way other Fields videos now fill YouTube, there is a still image on the New York Daily News website, provided by Martin, purportedly showing Deputy Ben with his knee in the back of Martin. Carlos was arrested for playing loud music, and Martin ultimately sued Deputy Ben for his treatment.

Instead of another Fields video from 2005, Martin says his then-wife, Tashiana Rogers, attempted to take photos of Deputy Ben issuing rough treatment to her then husband. Unlike in 2015, where smartphone video is much more popular, photos of Fields would have to suffice. Nevertheless, Deputy Ben became enraged, reports Martin — not over video of Fields — but mere photos of Deputy Ben during the arrest.

Fields got so enraged over the photos, and no video evidence, because Deputy Ben reportedly snapped when Martin called Fields “dude,” and proceeded to spray a whole can of pepper spray at Carlos — a man who had received military training to resist pepper spray. Surely video evidence of Deputy Ben in that scenario would’ve gone as viral as the Fields videos are going viral 10 years later.

Instead, Martin says Deputy Ben saw Rogers taking photos, not video of Fields, but still yelled to his partner to get the video phone.

“Get her black a**…”

Deputy Ben was enraged that Martin was able to withstand the pepper spray, claims Martin, and Fields likely wanted no video or photo evidence to exist.

“[Officer Ben] grabbed her phone and deleted the photos.”

Apparently, Fields wasn’t able to delete all the photos, and no video evidence appears to have surfaced online, because the photo of Deputy Ben made it online 10 years later, as the world’s attention is focused on the infamous Fields video from Spring Valley High School. It was that same video of Deputy Ben that has put the focus on the shocking things Fields allegedly told Martin, prior to the violent video making Deputy Ben famous. Although the words attributed to Fields weren’t caught on video in the manner that Deputy Ben’s words were caught during the infamous Fields video on Monday, they are shocking nonetheless as Martin recalls them.

“I’m glad Johnny Cochran is dead.”


In Monday’s viral video of Deputy Ben, Fields can be heard in the video threatening another student with arrest. Ten years prior to that Deputy Ben video going viral, Fields reported called for backup after Martin said he watched Officer Ben beat up his wife. Fields reported told Martin that he was simply another notch in Officer Ben’s belt.

Deputy Ben is gaining attention for other videos of Fields, beside the violent video watched around the world. On YouTube, there are several videos of Ben lifting weights that have gained attention. There’s a video of Fields performing speed deadlifts, a short video of Deputy Ben called a deadlift opener, along with other Fields videos gaining thumbs down ratings on YouTube.

Those include a “dynamic deadlifts day” with Ben on video, showing Fields once again deadlifting, and another of Deputy Ben, with Fields shown in the video squatting 940 pounds. In yet another video of Ben, Fields bench presses 605 pounds. Finally, yet another video of Ben shows Fields in the video bench pressing a tremendous amount of weight.

Those YouTube videos of Ben and his bodybuilding antics are years old, with one of the Fields’ videos dated September 6, 2011. Previously, the videos of Deputy Ben bench-pressing and the like had only gained the Fields videos a handful of views, but after the infamous video of Deputy Ben slamming the student to the ground, more attention is being paid to all of Fields’ videos online.

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