‘RHOBH’ Star Kyle Richards And Husband Mauricio Umansky Deny Brandi Glanville Returning For Season 6

Despite earlier reports that Brandi Glanville would be returning for a small appearance to the upcoming season of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, the former reality star will not be making a return to the hit series. According to TMZ, Kyle Richards recently stated that Glanville was not coming back to the show, which has already started filming for the new season.

According to Us Magazine, Glanville was expected to make a few cameo appearances throughout the new season of RHOBH. In fact, an inside source told the outlet that Glanville would “pop up here and there” during the season, “but by no means will she be on full time.”

However, in contrast to these reports, Kyle stated that she has yet to see Glanville grace the set of the reality show.

“I don’t know that,” the reality star told TMZ.

“I have not worked with her. I haven’t seen her.”

Brandi Glanville and Kyle Richards have a troubled and well-known history together on the show, with the latter not expressing any desire to see Glanville return to the series. That being said, when Kyle was asked if she would like to see her former enemy make an appearance in the new season, she stated, “What do you think? … I wish her well. But there’s no love lost there.”

Brandi Glanville's rumored return to the RHOBH is reportedly to bring some drama. [Image via Bravo] Brandi Glanville’s rumored return to the RHOBH is reportedly to bring some drama. [Image via Bravo]In addition to Kyle’s remarks, her husband, Mauricio Umansky, also got in on the action and was very shocked to hear that Glanville might be making a comeback. “What?! I didn’t know about this. Which country? Which city?” he stated. “She’s not gonna be on Beverly Hills! No she is not! Whaaaat?! I don’t believe that story. I call bulls**t.”

When asked about if he was happy about the possibility that Glanville would be a part of the season, Umansky had similar sentiments as his wife.

“I don’t think she’s coming. I call bulls**t on it. That’s my story. I don’t know… If she is, I’ll have a different opinion. But I call bulls**t completely on that story.”

Glanville’s departure is just one of the major casting changes in the new season. Along with Glanville leaving the show, Kim Richards will also not be returning after her struggle with substance abuse throughout the last season of the series. Although she won’t be a part of the reality show in the upcoming season, Kim is apparently working hard on her sobriety as she enjoys life outside of the limelight and away from cameras.

With that in mind, according to E! Online, Kim was recently on Glanville’s podcast where she discussed how her life has progressed since last season.

“Everything is good … It’s a good time for me right now,” Kim stated on the podcast. “It’s good. It’s better now. It was a rough time for a bit there but it’s just putting everything back in order and just really focusing on my family and me.”

Kyle Richards' troubled sister Kim will not return for season 6 of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. [Image via Bravo] Kyle Richards’ troubled sister, Kim, will not return for Season 6 of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. [Image via Bravo]Apparently, not being a part of the show has helped Kim start to get her life back in order. In fact, Kyle told E! News that being a part of the reality show made it hard for Kim to get the help she needed.

“She was doing what she needed to do to take care of herself, so it wasn’t the right timing for her,” Kyle stated. “In a normal situation people go through this privately, so it’s very sort of strange to be going through this when so many people know… It’s a little bit bizarre.”

The new season of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills is expected to air sometime later this year.

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[Image via Bravo]