Jenelle Evans Hasn’t Seen Dog Since Split: Does The Dog Remember The Abuse?

Jenelle Evans only shows a fraction of her life on Teen Mom, but fans are quick to judge her on the content they see on the show. Last year, Jenelle and Nathan were dating, and he had to serve 30 days behind bars. While he was locked up, Jenelle watched his dog for him. As it turns out, Jenelle had a hard time watching the dog, and she locked him up in a dog cage.

Of course, one can imagine that Nathan was furious with Jenelle Evans after watching the episode. After the two broke up, the dog, Mugen, may have stayed with Jenelle for a while as Nathan tried to figure out his next move. But it sounds like the dog is now back with the rightful owner. And sources say that Jenelle won’t get to see the dog anymore.

According to a new Radar Online report, Jenelle Evans hasn’t seen Nathan’s dog, Mugen, after their split, and it is possible that the dog remembers the abuse. Of course, Jenelle acted out on Mugen after he didn’t listen to her. She was watching the dog while he was serving time in jail, and fans were furious when they saw how she was treating the dog. These days, the dog is back home with Nathan, but he could have been mentally scarred from spending time with Jenelle.

“That was Nathan’s dog before he even met Jenelle,” a friend revealed of the situation, adding, “He brought Mugen back from Ohio but the saddest thing was the dog seemed to get really scared when they got near Myrtle Beach. It was like he remembered being there and hated it.”

The scene was so intense that MTV even ran a disclaimer after the episode aired, and Evans was forced to apologize because of her treatment of the dog. However, Mugen may have been scared of Jenelle, because he doesn’t like going back to that area. Evans has since moved, but it is possible that Nathan still lives close to their old home.

“In the car [near Evans’ old home], Mugen hid his face in the seat and wouldn’t even look up,” the source claimed, adding, “It was weird. He was acting really funny.”

Luckily for Nathan, Jenelle may not have an issue handing over custody of the dog to him. As his friend points out, Mugen was Nathan’s dog long before he met Evans. But the two could be arguing over custody of their son, Kaiser. Thus far, Jenelle has taken care of Kaiser, and he has primarily been in her care. But now, Nathan may want more time with his son, as well.

Of course, Nathan could be trying to use Jenelle’s actions against her to get custody of Kaiser. According to OK Magazine, Nathan was recently caught yelling at Jenelle in a recording. Evans decided to move on, and she started dating David Eason shortly after their split. And while Nathan had already moved on to Jessica Henry, he was furious.

“You were already talking to him while you were supposed to be on this path of being single and working towards our future,” Nathan yelled in the recording, adding, “So you lied! Every single time you lie or every single time you’re wrong you have to play this game. You need to grow up and take responsibility.”

Maybe Nathan just wanted her to be single, while he figured out what he wanted — just in case he wanted to return to her.

What do you think of Jenelle Evans not seeing Mugen anymore? Do you think she abused the dog so much that it is simply scared to return to her care?

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