Westboro Baptist Church To Picket Oklahoma State University Homecoming Parade Victims’ Funerals

The tragic crash of a speeding car driven by Adacia Chambers, 25, when Chambers crashed into a parade crowd at the Oklahoma State University’s homecoming celebration, killed four people, and left scores of folks injured. To add insult to the tragic injury, the infamous Westboro Baptist Church is promising on Twitter to picket the funerals of the OSU victims, as reported by Heavy. The Westboro Baptist Church had the audacity to thank God for the tragedy, and called the horrific crash “righteous judgment on orange-clad” OK State Rebels. In the Westboro Baptist hashtags, the so-called church implored people to picket funerals, obey God, and not to worship the dead.


As reported by the Associated Press, those who lost their lives in the OSU homecoming parade crash included a 2-year-old boy, along with three adults.


According to People, Chambers’ father is claiming that Adacia was mentally ill when she crashed into the crowd at the OSU homecoming parade. Floyd Chambers reported that his daughter had previously spent time in a mental institution two years ago, and said that Adacia was good at hiding her problems. Certain witnesses to the crash claim that it seemed Adacia sped into the crowd intentionally, even as video of the tragic event shows that Chambers did not apply her brakes at all during the crash. However, these factors don’t seem to persuade Westboro Baptist Church to have any love or display any of God’s grace and the tenets that Jesus taught.

In fact, Westboro Baptist Church has plans to picket Janet Jackson, as seen on the following flier, with a photo of Michael Jackson and language about Janet’s brother being in hell. Once again, the rhetoric to repent is used in a hateful manner.


As Twitter continues to collect tweets about Adacia, and Facebook support groups for Chambers arise, news about Westboro Baptist Church’s planned funeral protests against the OSU homecoming parade victims are bringing scornful tweets, as well. It isn’t the first time the church has brought contempt against its manner of highlighting themselves and supposedly celebrating “God’s wrath” during times of tragedy.

Back on April 18, 2014, when Westboro Baptist Church picketed the funeral for Dr. William Lewis Corporon and his grandson, Reat Griffin Underwood, counter-protesters showed up with signs that read “Love Wins” in order to send Westboro a message. There were hundreds of people who showed up in Leawood, Kansas, at the The United Methodist Church of the Resurrection. Dr. Corporon and his grandson had been killed by a white supremacist named Frazier Glenn Cross on April 13, and five days later, Westboro Baptist picketed their funerals.

Oftentimes holding hateful signs and attributing that language to God’s will, the Westboro Baptist Church has made a name for itself as being anything but a loving church. In the meantime, folks on Twitter are reacting to Westboro Baptist Church’s plans to picket the OSU parade victims funerals by challenging them to step foot in Stillwater with their hate-filled rhetoric.

“Hey , how have you not shut down the account yet? Let’s get that done.”

“WBC, come try to say that in Stillwater, Saturday Nov 7th. 60K folks would tell you otherwise.

“So when will you be here? We can’t wait to sing our alma matar [sic] over every bigoted word that leaves your mouths!”

OSU alum are also responding to Westboro Baptist Church’s messages of hate with true messages of love.

[Photo by Julie Denesha / Getty Images]