South African Teacher Arrested For Sexual Assault Of A Female Pupil

An 18-year-old pupil at a Gauteng school was allegedly sexually assaulted by one of her teachers, who then attempted to rape her. The teacher has since been arrested for sexual assault.

The incident is one of 94 cases of rape and sexual abuse lodged against teachers in South African this year, 22 of which were in the Gauteng region. According to the South African Council of Educators (SACE) this figure is up from the previous year’s figure of 82. The number of teachers actually arrested for sexual assault was not clearly cited.

The latest incident, involving an unnamed 18-year-old girl, happened three days before the SACE tabled its report about teacher misconduct in the South African parliament, and the teacher has since been arrested for sexual assault and attempted rape.

It was on October 11 this year that the male teacher called the girl into his office and allegedly masturbated against her gym dress, tearing her stockings and leaving the pupil traumatized.

The Grade 11 pupil from a Soweto school recounted her ordeal to The Star recently, saying she went to her male class teacher‘s office to discuss discrepancies with her grades.

“I went to his office to find out why some of my marks were missing. When I got in, he locked the burglar bars behind me. I asked him why he hadn’t put in my life orientation marks, why he was failing me when I handed in the work.”

According to the girl, the teacher told her to look for her name on the schedule, and to write 78 percent as her mark, which he had already calculated.

“So I took a pen and wrote it. Then he closed the door and started undressing.”

As reported by Shosanguve Community Radio, the girl said she could tell the male teacher was drunk and she was scared and didn’t know what to do. The teacher said he had wanted her for “so long in class” and wanted to have sex with her right there in the office.

She said, “He didn’t want the other kids to know. I told him he’s my teacher and he can’t do that,” adding that her teacher then suggested oral sex.

The girl said she then started crying, telling him “No sir, I can’t do that” and asking him how he could think of such things, following which the teacher allegedly offered her R500 ($37) to have sex with him.

When she refused his offer, he then increased it to R2,000 ($146) and attempted to kiss the girl and touch her hair.

The pupil said she then took a photograph of him and he “didn’t care because he was drunk.” That photo was handed to the police as evidence in the attempted rape case against the teacher, after he was arrested for sexual assault.

Teacher arrested for sexual assault
Soweto via Flickr by LSG05 / CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

It was after this that the male teacher allegedly masturbated against her and ejaculated over her gym dress. Following the assault, the teacher reportedly apologized and said he would buy her new stockings to replace those he damaged. The girl agreed, as she didn’t want her class to be suspicious.

The morning after the incident at the school, the girl told her mother what happened and she and her mother then spoke to three female teachers about the incident. However, despite the fact that the teachers said they would take care of it, they apparently didn’t even tell the principal. The girl further added that other female pupils at the school had told her the teacher had assaulted them.

It was only after the girl and her mother spoke to the school principal themselves that any action was taken, and the principal contacted the Gauteng Department of Education. The department’s spokeswoman, Phumla Sekhonyane, said the accused teacher had been working at the Soweto school since the beginning of the year and that this was his first teaching position.

Sekhonyane added that the teacher has since been suspended and is facing dismissal in terms of the Employment of Educators Act, and that he was arrested for sexual assault on October 11. The teacher then appeared in court on October 13.

[Photo cropped and resized via Flickr by Dystopos /CC BY-NC 2.0]