Vicki Gunvalson And Gretchen Rossi React To Alexis Bellino’s ‘WWHL’ Appearance

Both Vicki Gunvalson and Gretchen Rossi voiced their support for Alexis Bellino as she appeared on Andy Cohen’s live talk show Watch What Happens Live, which aired after part 2 of The Real Housewives of Orange County Season 10 reunion show.


Vicki tweeted that she supports and loves Alexis. Vicki thanked Alexis for being such a great friend to her.


Some people posted positive comments in response to Vicki’s tweet. One person wrote that it’s amazing how far Vicki and Gretchen have come since just a few years ago, they couldn’t see eye to eye on anything. Yet there were also a lot of negative comments. Some people wrote that Vicki is clearly desperate for friends and wants Alexis back on the show because she needs some allies, now that she is no longer on good terms with the rest of the cast.

Gretchen was also watching Alexis on Watch What Happens Live. Gretchen sent a tweet to Andy to tell Alexis that she’s proud of the e-mail that Alexis sent to Tamra Judge regarding her Christianity. Gretchen brought up Tamra’s current drama with her daughter Sidney as proof that Tamra hasn’t really changed.

“@Andy @BravoWWHL please tell @Alexisbellino that despite a lot of people giving her a hard time about her email, I am proud of her for sending it, It took guts! Being that Tamra’s own daughter keeps coming out saying her ‘mother continues to lie’, I would say Alexis wasn’t far off base reminding her she needs to be held accountable 4 her actions.”

During part 1 of the Season 10 reunion show, Andy read off an e-mail that Alexis Bellino had sent him to read to Tamra Judge. In the e-mail, Alexis accused Tamra, who got baptized on the season finale episode, of using religion as a story line. Alexis also accused Tamra, who had vowed at her baptism to change her ways, of continuing her bad behavior.

“I cannot sit back and watch a mockery being made of my savior. The greatest part about a walk with God is that he loves you where you are. You don’t need to be perfect. However, that doesn’t give you a hall pass to become baptized and then continue your old unkind and manipulative ways. Someone’s faith is not for entertainment…”

Tamra responded by pointing out that Alexis’ judgmental e-mail was not very Christian of her and that it’s Christians like her who give Christians a bad name. When asked for her opinion, Vicki Gunvalson said that she’s still friends with Alexis and that she knows that Alexis’ faith is very strong. Tamra piped up that Alexis’ faith can’t be that strong considering her actions.

Alexis later said on social media that it was not her intention to judge Tamra and that Andy didn’t read the part of the e-mail that she truly hopes that Tamra has found God.

It was then revealed that Tamra, during the reunion show, had sent Alexis a text in response to her e-mail.


As previously reported by the Inquisitr, after part 1 of the reunion show aired, Gretchen posted a tweet that praised Alexis for sending the e-mail. Gretchen wrote that Alexis “schooled” Tamra. Tamra got back at Gretchen by tweeting that she hears that she and her long-time beau, Slade Smiley, will never get married.

During Alexis’ appearance on Watch What Happens Live, a poll asked viewers whose side they’re on. A majority voted for Alexis.


Alexis maintained on the talk show that she wasn’t trying to judge Tamra with her e-mail.


Now that she’s on the outs with even Tamra Judge, perhaps Vicki Gunvalson will be able to exert some influence on the season 11 cast of The Real Housewives of Orange County and get her friend Alexis Bellino back on? Vicki now even thinks that Gretchen Rossi, with whom she feuded with during their seasons together, should return, at least if that means a certain someone gets booted off. As the Inquisitr previously reported, days after filming the reunion show, Vicki said that she would rather have Gretchen back than Meghan King Edmonds because Gretchen at least has a sweet heart.

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