October 26, 2015
Briana Culberson Says She Won't Let Brooks Ayers Ruin Relationship With Mom Vicki Gunvalson, 'Still Working Through The Pain'

Briana Culberson has her mother's back. On Saturday, Vicki Gunvalson posted a photo of herself enjoying a girls' night out with her sister and some friends. As it so often happens now, Vicki's post received a lot of comments unrelated to the photo but in regards to what's currently being shown on The Real Housewives of Orange County. Many people posted comments about what they just saw on part 2 of the Season 10 reunion show, during which Briana joined the ladies on the couch and talked about Vicki's ex, Brooks Ayers.

One person wrote that Briana is a saint for forgiving her mom after what her mom did to her. The person even said that Briana's statue needs to be erected and Vicki should kneel down and pray to it. The person added that Briana should write a book to teach the world how to forgive.

Briana's response admitted that she's still trying to work through everything. As for forgiving her mom, Vicki said that her family is the world to her and she won't let someone like Brooks ruin her relationship with her mom.

"I'm still working through the pain of everything. My family is my world and I won't let him ruin my relationship with my mom!"
Just what did Vicki do to Briana that the viewer thought was unforgivable? On part 2 of the reunion show, Briana, sitting next to Vicki, revealed that Brooks once hit on her when she was pregnant. Briana added that when she told her mom what Brooks did, Vicki refused to believe her, telling her that Brooks wouldn't want her.
"He hit on me when I was pregnant at your birthday party. And I told her that he did it and she called me a liar and said that he would never want me."
During the reunion show, Briana also also said that Brooks wanted to show her his penis.
"He wanted to show me his ween-ween. He told me it was really big and his nickname was Girth Brooks."
Briana made clear to everyone how she feels about Brooks.
"F**k this guy. I'm done. This guy is a filthy piece of s**t."
Briana Culberson is hoping her mom finds love again to get over Brooks. In response to another person who left a comment on Vicki Gunvalson's photo that she hopes that Vicki will find love again, Briana said that she thinks her mom needs someone new to be happy again.
"I feel like it might take someone new to help my mom get her happy back!"
As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Vicki's co-star Tamra Judge revealed in September that it was Brooks who broke up with Vicki. Vicki and Brooks announced their split in August.

Briana told another person that the whole Brooks thing has been a tough experience and she just wants her mom in a good relationship.

"Thanks so much. It's been really tough, I just want my mom to be in a healthy relationship and treated well!"
When people wondered whether it was really Briana leaving the comments, Briana said that she checks the comments on her mom's posts every now and then to try to stick up for her.
"Haha I rarely come on here, just check comments every now and then and try to stick up for my mom when I can!"
Briana even defended her mom when it came to her looks. In response to people who said that Vicki had a face lift, Briana denied such a thing and explained that the scar on her mother's neck is from nine surgeries to remove inner ear tumors.

Vicki likewise has expressed her love for Briana via social media. A few days ago, Vicki posted a quote about daughters and told Briana that she loves her.

The reunion show wasn't the only time Briana bashed Brooks while filming the 10th season. During a lunch with Tamra Judge, Briana claimed that Brooks once said that he had pancreatic cancer, but it only turned out to be pancreatitis. In an interview with E! News, Brooks said that Briana never gave him a chance, that she's manipulative and that she has "Daddy issues."

Despite the fact that filming for season 10 of The Real Housewives of Orange County has ended, Briana Culberson's drama with Brooks Ayers apparently hasn't. As the Inquisitr reported, Briana recently claimed that Brooks has threatened to sue her. In response to someone who told her to lawyer up against Brooks for talking about her and Briana to the press, Vicki Gunvalson said that "lawyers are involved."

[Photo by Craig Barritt/Getty Images]