Ben Fields Facebook, Twitter Accounts Deleted – But YouTube Videos Of Deputy Dead-Lifting Live On [Video]

The disturbing and graphic video of Deputy Ben Fields assaulting a student at Spring Valley High School has gone viral. As a result, viewers have been searching online for more information about Fields. As reported by Heavy, photos from Facebook of Ben and another deputy at a “Bid for Bachelors” charity event in 2013 were published online. However, a Senior Justice Writer for New York Daily News, named , reports that Fields allegedly quickly deleted both his Facebook and Twitter accounts in short order after the violent video went viral.

“Officer Ben Fields has already deleted his Facebook & Twitter accounts that quickly.”

A different Ben Fields — not the deputy seen in the viral video — took to his own Facebook page to make sure that people knew he wasn’t the Fields at the center of the controversial video.

“Hey everyone. So there is a video that surfaced today I believe of an officer named Ben Fields assaulting a kid. Just so we’re clear – not me. Don’t msg me or get weird – I’m not a cop, and I deplore violence of any kind.”

Indeed, the Twitter account for Deputy Fields that was once active @mjtruth23 is now gone. Previously, the tweets for Ben’s Twitter page were listed as protected, but now a search for Fields’ Twitter and Facebook accounts turns up no social media profile.


It’s a different story for Ben on YouTube, however, with the bodybuilder showing off his deadlifting skills. In the below video, Deputy Ben can be seen dead-lifting quite a bit of weight in the same manner that Arnold Schwarzenegger did, by apparently not wearing shoes. In the YouTube video titled “Ben Fields Speed Deads,” Fields varies the position of his hands, just like bodybuilders are taught, because it supposedly makes lifting heavy weights like that easier to lift.

It’s because Deputy Ben was big like a bodybuilder that students were afraid of Fields, report Spring Valley High School students to the New York Daily News writer King on Twitter, but those same students who were reportedly in the class when Deputy Ben assaulted the student are turning to Twitter to voice their experiences.

The violence of the video, as well as Fields’ previously documented complaints against Deputy Ben, as reported by Heavy, are what’s at the center of the melee. According to the New York Daily News writer King, Spring Valley High School students have reported to the journalist that Ben has been “brutal” for a long time. On Twitter, students report that this is the first time the violence has been captured on camera in a video that has gone viral.

Several videos of Fields performing variations of the deadlift can be found on YouTube.

It appears deadlifts are Ben’s speciality, with the YouTube descriptions listing the fact that Fields lifted approximately 405 pounds.

There are squat videos as well, showing Fields performing a squat with at least two spotters, making sure Ben stays safe as he squats 940 pounds with reverse bands.

Fields could also bench press 605 pounds, down to a board, prior to having his spotter lift it off of Ben.

The one powerlifting, Ben, is known for his speed, so says the YouTube video showing Fields bench pressing once more. However, Deputy Ben is winning no praise for his weightlifting efforts, and most of those YouTube videos are gaining “thumbs down” ratings.

[Images via SpudInc YouTube/Twitter]