Bethesda Confirms ‘Fallout 4’ Pre-Load Option For PC, Xbox One, PS4 ‘A Few Days’ Ahead Of Release

Owning digital games may come as a great convenience for many, even if it does come with a few unique obstacles. Download speeds and hard drive space impact any player nowadays but they can more so be a burden to those that want a digital version of a game. Those that have preordered or plan on preordering Fallout 4 also have to worry about when they can start to download the game considering its releases is just about two weeks away.

After all, players will want to play Fallout 4 as soon as they can after it launches, and waiting on a download up to 30 GB could really slow them down. Luckily, Bethesda Softworks confirmed that a preload option will be available before the November 10 release date. The publisher clarified as much on their official Twitter account stating that preloading will be available across all platforms on which Fallout 4 appears. PC, Xbox One, and Playstation 4 owners will be able to preload a purchased Fallout 4 copy at least a “few days” before the game releases.

The option to preload is not always the standard as PC Gamer pointed out. For example, another recent popular release, Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain, did not have a preload option on PC, but did have one on consoles. PC players are thankfully included in the preload option for Fallout 4.

Fallout 4 A power armor interface in Fallout 4 [Images via Bethesda]After reiterating that the preload will be available, the vice president of public relations reminded players that mods are planned on being supported by the console version of Fallout 4. Pete Hines answered a mod related question on his personal Twitter account stating that mod selection on Playstation 4 is planned to work within the game instead of a secondary source like a website. No solid information is set in stone yet; however, Fallout 4 mods on console seem to progressing forward.

With about two weeks remaining until Fallout 4 releases, the option to preload the game digitally is a welcome one. Players across all platforms should be able to enjoy the convenience of preloading the title so that it is ready to play as soon as the game is launched. The news came just days after Bethesda reported that the Fallout 4 is now complete. The game has gone gold and is ready to release with 27 different versions including different language and platform combinations.

Players that choose to purchase the physical edition of the game will, of course, need to install their game after their copy of the game arrives. Once the physical disc is in their possession, an install is obviously required before play can begin. Hopefully, a short install is ahead for owners of Xbox One and Playstation 4 consoles considering many games can start being played early on in the install process. As the Inquisitr stated, even physical disc PC owners will need to activate their copy on Steam in order to download the entirety of the game. Hines stated that the PC DVD does not contain the full game and players will need to download the rest via Steam to combat piracy.

Fallout 4 The vault survivor and Dogmeat from Fallout 4 [Images via Bethesda]Be sure to check out all the details on the release of Fallout 4 that are significant to the game’s launch. On, players can view the PC system requirements and other important specifics like game size. PC players need around 30 GB for their install while 28 to 35 GB are required for Xbox One and Playstation 4 consoles. The number varies on console due to the different language packs available for the game. The site also notes on exactly when Fallout 4 should be available on November 10 down to the minute.

Have you purchased Fallout 4 digitally or do you prefer a physical copy to add to your gaming collection?

[Images via Bethesda]