Final Season Of ‘Teen Mom’ To Document Amber Portwood’s Legal Problems

Amber Portwood is currently serving a five-year sentence for possession of a controlled substance. That means that she’s probably going to miss the final season of her show, “Teen Mom,” which premieres tomorrow.

For Portwood fans (or fans of reality show drama) the final season of “Teen Mom” will give an inside look at how Portwood ended up in prison. The season starts with an optimistic Portwood on her way to rehab. Portwood plead guilty to a variety of charges and was able to avoid prison by agreeing to two years probation and a stint in rehab.

Portwood said:

“I plead guilty to first and third degree of domestic battery, two class A felonies, and they took off the neglect of a child. I’m so happy that’s off the record. My plea is two years probation and 30-60 days in rehab for anger control, substance abuse, and mental health.”

Portwood also talks about her future saying that everything would be better after rehab. Portwood said:

“When I get back from rehab, I’m gonna try to get this new contact order dropped. Me, him, and Leah can hopefully be together as a family. I just want to get this all done.”

But as tabloid readers know, things didn’t exactly go to plan. Portwood didn’t complete her rehab, nearly overdosed, and decided instead to go to prison.

Portwood’s decision to go to prison caused a lot of anger from her fans. Many complained that the star was taking the easy way out and was abandoning her daughter. The Hollywood Gossip writes:

“Portwood is off to prison because she felt rehab was simply too hard and thinks going to jail is the only way to get clean…. The saddest part of this saga, which has become an afterthought, is that she effectively chose to be locked up and away from her three-year-old girl.”

Here’s a preview of the fourth and final season of Teen Mom.

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