Greg Hardy’s Sideline Meltdown Is A Cry For Help

Greg Hardy is at it again. Will it ever stop?

Evidently, when it comes to anger issues, the defensive end has decided to let the Dallas Cowboys deal with his hijinks. Hardy had a meltdown on the sidelines during the end of the Giants and Cowboys game on Sunday. The Cowboys lost 27-20 and Hardy went ballistic.

Let’s take a ride in Mr. Peabody’s Wayback Machine and get the gory details.

The Cowboys were trailing 20-13 with 7:25 remaining in the fourth quarter. Cowboys’ quarterback Matt Cassel was having a terrible day at the office. The Giants had gotten to him for three interceptions. One of them was a pick-six. But on the Cowboys final offensive play, he rolled right and found a wide open Devin Street for the tying touchdown.

On the kickoff, New York’s Dwayne Harris exploded out of the end zone and didn’t stop until 100 yards later. The Giants went up 27-20. With a little over a minute to play in regulation, the Cowboys were ready to receive the kick. They fumbled the ball and the Giants recovered. Victory formation was pulled out and the Giants won.

Greg Hardy [Photo by Christian Peterson/Getty Images]That would seem to be enough to get any fan angered. So, when Greg Hardy’s blood boiled over, he got in the faces of teammates. But it wasn’t just players, there were coaches involved too. Hardy smacked the clipboard away from special teams coordinator Rich Bisaccia. At first, it seemed as though Hardy was on the field waving his arms for the crowd to get into the game. But Hardy’s gesturing and anger went beyond the normal limits and he began to argue with Dez Bryant.

Bisaccia downplayed the incident and said it was no big deal, via the Fort Worth Star-Telegram.

“He wanted to get in there and kind of get after some of the guys a little bit, maybe get them fired up,” Bisaccia said. “It was just not the right time. It’s really not an issue. I just had to communicate what we were going to do next on the return, so I just really wanted him to move on so we could get going.”

Hardy wasn’t done. He had verbal exchanges with several players. He pushed and shoved them, as they were trying to get ready for the kickoff return.


Some diehard Greg Hardy fans will say that the clipboard swat was a tool to get the players fired up. Knowing Hardy’s background, it seemed to signal disagreement more than encouragement.

The incident spread to the post-game interviews. When Hardy was stopped at his locker for his thoughts, he turned into Beast Mode 2.0. Every question was answered with “no comment,” “next question,” or “any other questions?”

Hardy’s latest incident shows that the Cowboys got what they paid for. Yes. Hardy is a talented player who is passionate about the game. But he is also a powder keg waiting to explode.

Greg Hardy [Photo by Mike Stone/Getty Images]It wouldn’t be fair to put Greg Hardy on trial for his past deeds. He’s served the time for his domestic violence suspension. He wants to play football now. But there’s a thin line between being an emotional player and just being flat out uncontrollable.

Cowboys’ owner Jerry Jones and coach Jason Garrett support Hardy. They must love having a combustible, passionate player on the sidelines. They keep making excuses for him. There are ways other than violence to get teammates fired up.

“That’s the kind of thing that inspires,” said Jones. “You watched him warm up out there and he was inspirational nothing but warming up. He was ready to play.He’s just getting guys ready to play in my view. I don’t have any issue with him being involved in motivating or pushing in any part of the football team because he plays and walks the walk.”

No one knows the mental state of Greg Hardy. Or do they? It may be time to find out the reasons behind Hardy’s tirades. It seems like he’s crying out for help and no one is listening.

[Feature Photo by Elsa / Getty Images]