Russell Simmons On RushCard Backlash: ‘I Have Very Little Interest In Money’

Russell Simmons recently responded to the backlash created by technical issues experienced by thousands of RushCard users.

In a series of multiple Instagram posts, Russell addressed the company’s plan to resolve the issue and satisfy affected customers.

Within one particular post on Monday, Russell targeted the rumors and speculation claiming that the technical glitch resulted from his attempt to steal money from RushCard users.

“I’m not surprised but a bit disappointed that so many people believe I would steal or allow something to happen to their money. I have very little interest in money. Money comes by making others money just as happiness comes by making others happy.”

Simmons further explained that he will make a major statement on Tuesday about how he plans to “make the hurt parties and the community whole.” He also expressed gratitude for the “very positive comments” from the people who “know” his heart. According to Russell, “they will likely be inspired that they kept faith in [him] and [he] shined to their expectation.”

(Photo Credit: Russell Simmons Instagram)

In another post, Russell Simmons shared the official letter sent from the company (in his name) claiming that all major functionality had finally been restored.

“We can announce today that all major functionality, including 2 day advance direct deposits and card-to-card transfers, is restored. If you are still experiencing any issue with your card, our call center wait times have returned to normal… Thank you for your business.”

Russell Simmons [Photo via Russell Simmons/Instagram]Within the same statement, Simmons announced that the company expects government benefits (SSI/VA & SSA) “to post later this week.”

According to The New York Times, a technical issue blocked account access for a substantial number of RushCard account holders.

T’Challa Williams, a RushCard account holder from Georgia, said she “felt like [she] wasn’t even a person” after reportedly spending a collective 4 1/2 hours on hold when she tried to call their customer service department.

NBC News reported that Gail Hillebrand, an associate director for consumer education and engagement for the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, confirmed that the troubling issue was being investigated further.

“It is outrageous that consumers have not had access to their money for more than a week. We are looking into this very troubling issue. Consumers increasingly are relying on prepaid products to keep their funds, make purchases and manage their money.”

Quite a few people, including Russell Simmons’ fans and critics, have also used social media to express their thoughts, feelings and overall frustration over the RushCard technical problems that have caused financial issues for thousands of cardholders.

Within another Instagram message posted Monday morning, Russell mentioned that “all will come out in the wash.” The hip-hop mogul further claimed, “people will get the restitution that they deserve.”

Russell Simmons concluded the message by expressing his disappointment over “the damage this tech transition has done to the people who have put their trust” in him. Over the next few days, he will reportedly work on plans that will lay out how the “payback will happen.”

[Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images]