Christina Milian’s Young Money Diss? ‘Not Trying To Force’ Lil Wayne

For those fans who have wondered about Christina Milian’s intimations in her video, “Do It,” when she was dancing sexily with Lil Wayne, new information has emerged that they may be over but not completely over.

More importantly, Christina Milian has stated in an interview on October 26 with HuffPost Live that her new music would soon be released, but there is still no specific date.

As far as taking care of business, Christina Milian is definitely doing that — and sings her mother’s praises almost as much as Lil Wayne’s. However, this does not mean that Christina Milian is above giving Lil Wayne a slight bit of shade.

About her next album, Christina Milian said her new music would be out sometime between now (end of October) to December. At the end of the November, Christina Milian is set to release all her new songs and another video — and she also said you could believe her because, “It’s not coming from Young Money, it’s from me.”

Christina Milian may become famous for fashion design. Will Christina Milian eventually be known as a fashion mogul as well as a singer? [Photo by Yuko Torihara/Getty Images]Does Christina Milian’s slight diss of Lil Wayne’s Young Money record label have any underlying meaning? Christina Milian goes on to say several supportive things about Lil Wayne in her HuffPost Live interview.

For example, Christina Milian says Lil Wayne is a “sweetheart” and “There’s sides to him that I don’t think anybody knows. He’s a really, really just nice guy…”

Christina Milian also went on to describe what it was like to date Lil Wayne, and why she might miss his adventurous side. For example, Christina Milian says, “we went to a private beach and it was romantic and nobody was there and it was dark too, and scary!”

What is interesting is that Christina Milian notes in her interview that she has a special bond with Lil Wayne that she does not necessarily have the opportunity to share with others. In particular, Christina Milian says she and Lil Wayne have been doing entertainment and the celebrity life “since we were kids,” but business and family comes before relationships.

Despite their special connection, Christina Milian goes on to say the following about Lil Wayne.

“We’ve also built a friendship. And what’s fantastic about everything is that we’re adults, and we understand maybe it’s not the right time for us, but we do love each other. And I think the best thing is to preserve our friendship and not ruin it trying to force it…”

Of course, Christina Milian has no problem putting her family first. In addition to having a close relationship with her mother/manager, Carmen Milian, Christina also dishes all about her family with her reality TV show, Turned Up.

Christina Milian's success includes her music, business, and acting jobs like "Grandfathered". Grandfathered is not the only successful project Christina Milian is a part of. [Photo by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images]In the news, Christina Milian is also frequently pictured with her daughter, Violet. Highlighting this, on October 23, E! Online posted pictures with Christina Milian and her daughter stating, “The Christina Milian Turned Up star loves to turn up the cuteness on social media by sharing photos of herself with her daughter.”

In the end, can fans expect a future for Christina Milian and Lil Wayne? She goes on to say that she and Lil Wayne, “talk to each other still every day” and that, “Eventually [we might get back together], who knows! There might be a right time, this might be just it, and the end of the day we’re still here.”

In the meantime, England continues to love Christina Milian — and they are obsessed with her cute outfits! The Daily Mail posted two different articles within a week of each other, each with a review of fashions Christina Milian has worn.

For instance, on October 18, the Daily Mail sang Christina Milian’s praises for her leather studded punk jacket and “Palladium” boots. Minutes after her HuffPost Live interview was posted, the Daily Mail was quick to point out how much they loved her sexy business suits.

Perhaps, in the end, the real question is not whether Lil Wayne and Christina Milian will get back together, but rather if Christina Milian should open one of her We Are Pop Culture fashion shops in the U.K.

[Photo by Theo Wargo/Getty Images]