Jason Mraz, Christina Carano Wedding: Singer Marries Longtime Love In Intimate Virginia Ceremony

Jason Mraz and Christina Carano got married over the weekend and fans are thrilled for the happy couple. Unlike some celebrity couples, Jason and Christina did this one quietly and it looks like it was a beautiful, intimate day. From the look of things, they planned a day that suited them perfectly and they kept the media attention at bay until they were ready to share the news on their own terms.

The “I’m Yours” singer, and his wife got married in Mechanicsville, Virginia, on Sunday. Mraz hails from the area, which is likely why the two chose to get married there. The couple was reportedly surrounded by close friends and family in the small gathering, his rep detailed to Us Weekly. The singer shared the news via his Instagram page after the ceremony.

Not only did Mraz share a photo of Carano at the church, he has also changed his social media accounts to note that he is now a husband, in addition to being a singer and songwriter, notes Entertainment Tonight.

Not long ago, Jason Mraz and Christina Carano talked with the Osider about their relationship. They met back in 2007 and Mraz indicated that he had an immediate connection to Christina, who typically goes by Tina. They were both in other relationships at the time that they first met, but in 2011 they were single and reconnected.

When they first met, Michigan native Christina Carano owned a coffee shop in Hermosa Beach, California. Her friend Tricia connected them. Jason Mraz and Tina stayed in touch over the next few years. Their careers meant very different schedules from one another, but she crushed on him for some time and he always hoped to eventually settle down with a girl like her.

A few years later, things aligned for Mraz and Carano to be together romantically and shift their friendship into a romance. It sounds like there was no looking back from there.

Carano shared that they’ve, “created a really awesome life together and [they] make a great team,” and they have started working a farm in Oceanside together. Mraz isn’t done with music entirely, but he noted that he does typically take some time between his albums to pursue other avenues that intrigue him. He makes it clear that there will always be room for his singing and he quips that he can’t afford to quit his day job, such as it is.

According to E! Online, about 50 friends and family members joined Jason Mraz and Christina Carano for their outdoor wedding. Mraz, 38, tied the knot in the Virginia forest at the Historic Polegreen Church.

Carano wore a gown suited to the outdoor setting, a high-collar lace gown with long sleeves and a sheer tail. Carano wore a crown of flowers in her hair and carried a simple bouquet down the aisle.

This is the “I Won’t Give Up” singer’s first marriage; however, he had previously been engaged to singer and songwriter Tristan Prettyman for about six months. Prior to their split, Mraz and Prettyman stated they would not be getting married until that civil right was available to everybody.

The musician’s fans seem thrilled to hear news of the wedding. The Instagram post detailing Jason Mraz and Christina Carano’s big day already has more than 56,000 “likes” and almost 4,000 comments as of this writing. The matching Facebook page of Mraz’s has nearly 520,000 “likes,” more than 13,000 shares and upwards of 10,000 comments of congratulations as fans celebrate the exiting news of Carano and Mraz’s wedding.

The newlyweds will reportedly go on a road trip together for their honeymoon.

[Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images]