Internet Explodes After Ruby Rose Champions Gender Fluidity At The EMAs -- What Is Gender Fluid?

Benjamin Simon

Ruby Rose has become a hot topic since her appearance as the androgynous prisoner on the Netflix show Orange is the New Black. Now people are praising Ruby Rose even more for a single phrase she said while hosting the European Music Awards, making a point to include gender fluid individuals in her welcome.

A celebration of non-binary gender expression herself, the internet has celebrated model and actress Ruby Rose for being one of the first celebrities to openly embody gender fluidity. And according to the Independent, the world's affection for Rose was reinforced and rejuvenated after the EMAs.

"Ladies and gentlemen, and everyone in-between," Ruby Rose addressed the audience.

Twitter lit up with excitement over this welcome. While it might seem like a simple choice of words, the thousands of gender fluid individuals across the world were thrilled to see that somebody as famous and celebrated as Ruby Rose was acknowledging their existence.

"ladies and gentlemen and everyone in between" Ruby Rose fiercely breaking the gender binary at EMAs

— wicked georgina (@monetgrrl) October 25, 2015

"ladies and gentlemen and everyone in between" THANKYOU SO MUCH FOR TRYING TO KEEP THE WORLD WOKE ❤️❤️❤️ @RubyRose

— skELLeton (@HURRlCANEDUN) October 25, 2015

So Ruby Rose addresses the EMA crowd with "ladies and gentlemen and everyone in between" BLESS THIS HUMAN.

— Bunny HopKILLS! (@Bookish_Bunny) October 25, 2015

Ruby Rose has become the unofficial spokesperson for gender fluidity (or perhaps official after hosting the EMAs). While many celebrities have openly identified as gender fluid in the past, such as Miley Cyrus, Ruby Rose is one of the first to not only represent an atypical form of androgynous beauty but also actively promote the cause of gender fluidity.

"For the most party, I definitely don't identify as any gender. I'm not a guy; I don't really feel like a woman, but obviously I was born one. So, I'm somewhere in the middle, which—in my perfect imagination—is like having the best of both sexes," Ruby Rose told Elle.

Despite many studies showing that gender is not simply defined as male or female, many people continue to deny that gender fluidity is a real thing. According to Advocate, this prejudice is quickly diminishing, with roughly 50 percent of young people now acknowledging that gender is a spectrum, not black and white.

But what is gender fluidity exactly? The cause of gender fluidity, as supported by Ruby Rose, tends to encompass everything from transgender individuals to people who don't fall into traditional gender norms. But as defined by, gender fluidity is the following.

"Gender fluidity conveys a wider, more flexible range of gender expression, with interests and behaviors that may even change from day to day. Gender fluid people do not feel confined by restrictive boundaries of stereotypical expectations of women and men. For some people, gender fluidity extends beyond behavior and interests, and actually serves to specifically define their gender identity. In other words, a person may feel they are more female on some days and more male on others, or possibly feel that neither term describes them accurately."

What do you think about Ruby Rose electing herself as a champion of gender fluid individuals? Do you support gender fluidity? Leave a comment with your thoughts below.

And catch Ruby Rose on Orange is the New Black on Netflix. Season 4 is slated to release sometime next year, but you can currently see Ruby Rose as the Australian inmate Stella in Season 3.

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