'X Factor' U.K. Final Six Acts Revealed: Rita Ora And Nick Grimshaw Make Ultimate Choices

The X Factor U.K. was filled with excitement Sunday night, October 25. The audience held their breath in anticipation of who would be the final acts to make it to the live shows. Reported by ITV News on October 25, the stressful decision to pick six acts to win the spots from the pool of talent fell on celebrity judges Rita Ora and Nick Grimshaw.

The BBC Radio 1 famed breakfast show DJ, Nick "Grimmy" Grimshaw, selected the acts for the boys group category. Mason Noise, Che Chesterman, and Seann Miley Moore will get the immense opportunity to move up to compete live on X Factor.

Mason Noise made it to the top three X Factor male acts, even after Simon Cowell booted him off stage. In October, Cowell, the head judge, called Noise "a complete [expletive]." As noted in a ITV News report on October 11, the argument took place on stage before an audience when Noise complained that his audition had been cut short. A few days later, ITV News reported Noise's return to replace Tom Bleasby, who had to leave for personal reasons.

"Yes he was difficult at the 6 Chair Challenge, but people with an artistic temperament can be difficult," Grimshaw stated his enthusiasm in welcoming Noise back.

Noise said in a YouTube video posted on October 24, "I am really overwhelmed that Nick has picked me, he really believed in me... it's definitely the, you know, the biggest moment of my life so far."

X Factor has given the opportunity for 19-year-old Che Chesterman to move from being a box-boy to find stardom. Chesterman can be seen moving his audience as he performed his mom and dad's wedding song, Aaron Neville's "I Don't Know Much, But I Know I Love You," singing for Grimshaw in the X Factor house.
Seann Miley Moore was first up, performing for Grimshaw in the X Factor house. Admitting to being overwhelmed, Moore, dressed up in a red asymmetrical fashion statement complete with platform boots and statement jewelry, announced that he would be singing "This Woman's Work" by Kate Bush. His amazing emotional voice reached high notes, proving this boy's immense talent is worthy of going forward.

The flamboyant Moore states in a YouTube video, "I decided to sing a song, it's for my mom, and, um, yeah I wish she was here today, cause she just calms me down" finishing "I hoped she'd be proud."

To finish off the X Factor finalists decision-making was the wonderful songstress herself, Rita Ora. Ora had the difficult task of choosing the final three girl acts that were to move up to perform in the Live X Factor show. Louisa, Lauren Murray, and Kiera Weathers where given the green light to move up. The sexy singer congratulated her final three in a Facebook post.


The young 17-year-old Louisa Johnson proved her talent to Ora at the X Factor house. Goosebumps immediately popped up listening to the young talent sing Aretha Franklin's "Respect." Louisa totally made the song her own with Ora noting, "She became a star in my face."

Lauren Murphy chose to perform Jess Gynne's "Take Me Home" for Ora. Among the stunning landscape at the X Factor house serving as a backdrop, Murphy proved her song styling range to be as beautiful as the setting she was singing in.
At the X Factor house auditions, Kiera Weathers rounded out the third of Ora's top three choices. The 18-year-old notes how difficult it has been losing her mom and doing the competition without her, questioning "Am I in too deep?" With an emotional, "Wow, I want it more than anything," Weathers proved her abilities with her try-out singing for Ora.
The six acts chosen by Ora and Grimshaw will join the other six finalists chosen on Saturday night by Cheryl Fernandez-Versini and Simon Cowell.
As for the rest of the X Factor finalists, ITV News detailed Cheryl's and Simon's choices. Cheryl approved 4th Impact, Alien Uncovered, and Reggie n Bollie to move into the live X Factor phase. Simon's choices allow for Bupsi, Anton Stephans, and Max Stone to move on up to perform for in the live U.K. X Factor show. The excitement mounts as the 12 talented acts make their way to perform on stage before a live audience, televised for the world to view. All of the singers have proven to have massive enough talent to become the hottest top sensation in the world of music, regardless of which one actually wins the newest X Factor title.

[Featured Image of Grimshaw By Gareth Cattermole / Getty Images, Ora By Shirlaine Forrest / Getty Images]