Halloween DLC For ‘GTA V’ Will Plunge City In Darkness And Bring Cars, Masks, And Special Event

Halloween is just around the corner, and Grand Theft Auto V (GTA V) developer Rockstar, being the fun people that they are, is surely gearing up for a special Halloween DLC for all the GTA V players out there.

We are getting closer to Halloween (October 31), but Rockstar continues to stay mum about the Halloween DLC for GTA V. In the last weeks, the modding community has dug out Halloween-themed paraphernalia already sitting around the GTA V files. VG247 reports that the Halloween DLC will most probably include new cars, themed masks, and even a blackout event where the whole GTA V city will be plunged in darkness.

Known GTA V specialists and tipsters Yan2295, TezFunz2, Rockstar Games Funz, and TransmetTeam have all been tipping these Halloween goodies for GTA V, and first on the Halloween DLC list are the new cars.

The International Business Times reports that there are two cars found in the GTA V codes pertaining to the Halloween DLC. The first is the Btype2 at $540,000 and the second is the more controversial one, the Lurcher, with an interesting price tag of $666,666. If that is not for GTA V’s Halloween DLC, then we don’t what that is for.

It is believed that these price tags will most probably be connected to the release dates of these cars, just like the Liberator before. With Benny’s Original Motor Works on GTA V already on the roll, these new Halloween cars are sure to be on the line for some cool car mods. GTA V modders and specialists have also found 12 new masks that look very Halloween. These are traditional Halloween costumes anyway, ranging from pumpkin head to zombie head, goblin head, and even a scary demon head. Found alongside a file called “ped overlays,” these masks are believed to be masks for GTA V’s AI pedestrians.

GTA V halloween masks (via Yan2295)
GTA V halloween masks (via Yan2295)

If you want to don your own Halloween face on GTA V, Twitter user @Dat_Saintsfan also found new face paints. Some of the face paints uncovered feature skeleton paints, the joker makeup, and candy skull.

Apart from the ripping new cars and the cool face makeup, what GTA V players are looking forward to the most are the special Halloween event/jobs that will surely capture the essence of both Halloween and GTA V. TezFunz was one of the first to come out with the news of the blackout event for GTA V, which will shut down the lights of the whole GTA V map. To be able to weave through the darkness of the city, they were able to dig up a flashlight item that can be used as a weapon as well. However, TezFunz confirms through Twitter that the Blackout will not be coming to GTA Online Freemode. It’s only for a special Halloween event called “Slasher Adversary Mode.”

YouTuber DomisLive GTA 5 also elaborated on this Halloween mode for GTA V. Since the blackout during the Slasher Adversary Mode will plunge the city in darkness, it seems you will only be able to tell that a person is near you through their breathing. The special GTA V mode also creates two teams and will work something like the Call of Duty Infected mode. The aim of the mode is to survive the wave without getting infected, with only the flashlight weapon to defend yourself with given a particular time limit. After the time is up, the tables are turned and the “hunters” are now given shotguns to hunt you down with.

As of now, no news has been released as to when the Halloween DLC for GTA V will be rolling out to PCs and consoles, but fans can expect this to be this week since Halloween is just around the corner.

[Image via Taltigolt and Rockstar]